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    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.12.21 Changelog

    MarkHUK can you use my customized library for the Galaxy Nexus (maguro, toro, ...)? It will allow overclocking and a go_hispeed_load value of 85 instead of 50. Which would increase battery life.
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    New Nexus JB Overclocking & Governor BugFix

    You shouldn't worry about this one. All this file does is putting limitations on the Galaxy Nexus. When the screen is turned off the frequency is reset to 700mhz max. When turning screen on this turns back to 1200mhz. This removes underclocks and overclocks made by the user. Also governor...
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    New Nexus JB Overclocking & Governor BugFix

    Can you you include this file in the ROM for the Nexus or Maguro? This will fix overclocking and changing governors for it :) replace system/lib/hw/ with the one included I have confirmed this to work. I compiled the file myself. Please confirm if you will apply my bugfix...
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    Are you looking for a kernel developer for Nexus?

    I can make a kernel specially for MIUIAndroid Contact me at I will add improvements and bug fixes over the stock kernel Also I can enable 1.5GHz for CPU and 384MHz for GPU and undervolt it. These are just examples. Let me know if you are interested and if we can...
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    MIUI ROM 2.8.17 ICS & JellyBean

    I am going to wait until it's more stable. I stick with CM10 nightlies for now Is MIUI Jelly Bean official? I thought they skipped JB ? I bought a Nexus because MIUI is too slow on Nexus S. Mark and iBot feel free to contact me if you want my kernel for the Google Nexus. I can make a custom...
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    Resolved Stock ICS mms.apk crashing

    No I was actually running stock ICS. I install MIUI from time to time to help translating. I am waiting for my Google Nexus to install MIUI. Google Nexus S is too slow. I will install aLogcat. Thanks !
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    Resolved Stock ICS mms.apk crashing

    On stock ICS or AOSP ICS the mms.apk is crashing while sending a text message. It just happens randomly maybe 1 or 2 times a day when texting the whole day. I have been having these issues since day one ICS release. I have never encountered the problem on MIUI. Does anyone know what's wrong ...
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    Release MIUI Multi-Lang ROM 2.6.29 [ICS]

    I received my invitation. I will probably start translating tomorrow. It looks outdated to May.
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    Release MIUI Multi-Lang ROM 2.6.29 [ICS]

    I emailed Connor but he didnt answer yet. I want to help translating and fix global issues in the repositories. Eg simple xml errors. But he is not answerring.
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    Release MIUI Multi-Lang ROM 2.6.29 [ICS]

    iBotPeaches are you and MarkHUK willing to give me all the tools you guys have to translate? I was hoping if there was batch processing you would give it to me for free. So I can start my own MIUI Stable branch. I am only wondering if 2.6.29 beta and stable are the same. I am going to do a hex...
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    I would like to start working on MIUI Stable with all languages. Would it be possible help me getting started and supplying me with all tools I need? I would like to release them in the name of but then managed by myself. I hope to target regular users who don't want to flash...
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    Where to buy in Europe?

    I want to buy this phone. I am from Belgium If i cant buy it i will go with galaxy nexus.
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    Release MIUI 2.5.18 Multi-lang ROM [EN/CN/IT/PL/NL]

    I could help the Dutch translation. But I suggest getting everything centralized over here. This is the best way of working. The other translation sites that are willing to give up their domain can come here. I suggest you offer this solution. I don't like going between websites. Everyone will...
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    In Progress GMail has stopped working

    I am having this issue once a day or once over two days. Has been present since several release. Hard to get a debug log...
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    MIUI Proposal for this community

    Well in theory it is possible. I believe that since apktool is based on Java Runtime Environment 1.6 it should be possible. All we need is a custom recovery I think. Or the applications can be decompiled, languages added, recompiled upon boot. Like it updates the dalvik cache files when...