New Nexus JB Overclocking & Governor BugFix

You shouldn't worry about this one. All this file does is putting limitations on the Galaxy Nexus. When the screen is turned off the frequency is reset to 700mhz max. When turning screen on this turns back to 1200mhz. This removes underclocks and overclocks made by the user. Also governor settings applied by the user don't work properly with the stock file from google.

The file will not affect stability of the device. It might only be changed on Android 5.x or maybe they keep it this way. But I can strongly recommend it. I have been using it for two days right now and I can finally see everything stick.

Maybe you can forward the patch to XIAOMI as well. I supplied you with the necessery information.

But the file is so small it will hardly EVER be touched by XIAOMI unless they want to remove this limitation on the Google Nexus.