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    8.12.6 v2

    EOL - End of life --> No more dev for this phone
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    I have the same issue, but for me with the lastest stable, I have a message of FC all the time, but the phone no freeze or block, after another try with wipe Dalvik and cache with the 8.4.19 all is ok for me.
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    I have a same issue, check page 5 in this ROM, for me the solution is going back last stable, and later going back 8.4.19 in my kate.
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    I solved it in an unorthodox way, I installed the stable EU 9.2.10 in dirty, only wipes cache / dalvik. The phone has booted, with multiple recurring FC messages on Android system.But the previous message does not appear and it was hung after a minute ... I have been able to make backup copies...
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    No chance for me :( I wait until moonday. If no have any solution, the only way will be full wipes and 8.4.12 one more time.
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    Are you now in 8.4.12. For me is imposible, I have the same error message and the phone frezze/stoped only way is power off. I don´t know if maybe we have tomorrow a V2 to correct this bug.
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    Same issue with kate, and come black 8.4.12, same error message.
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    [mido] Stable

    You can use
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    Mido Bug

    No, but you can use the notification shade port, check
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    Global Rom Notification Style Port For / China Rom ( Developer & Stable )

    Thanks, works fine in mido stable!
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    I'm waiting for mido also.
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    8.1.11 V2

    In my HMNote4X - mido two icons MIremote and Scanner. FC also in V2.
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    MIUI 9 7.10.19

    Redmi Note 3 SE - Kate with 7.10.19 problems with the dual SIM cards sometimes one is off. Reboot and both is ok again. Today I have two times the same issue.
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    MIUI 9 7.10.19

    Redmi Note 3 SE (kate) - No problems.