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    Resolved Google Maps 2013 Jul 09 crashes

    Confirmed as working for me too. Thanks for the heads up guys.
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    Resolved Google Maps 2013 Jul 09 crashes

    Haha, no I didn't think you'd be updating Google maps, more that it was a known issue in Google maps that you knew they were working on. Anyway, thanks for the update, hope you guys can fix it.
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    Resolved Google Maps 2013 Jul 09 crashes

    Thanks for the update. Hope you don't feel that I'm pressing you, but will it be an update to the maps app, or a patch for the current MIUI installs?
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    Resolved Google Maps 2013 Jul 09 crashes

    Also getting a force close with the new google maps on the galaxy note 2. Update was installed through Google Play
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    Have you noticed any bugs that's are fixed in this release?
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    I think the fix for this is to turn apex launcher into a system app. You can use titanium backup for this or you can do it yourself manually using a file explorer (though this solution is less straightforward)
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    [MOD] [3.2.22] Control Panel Suite [DISCONTINUED]

    3.1.25 is what I meant, yep. I think the mistake I was making was in thinking that the control panel somehow modified whatever MMS.apk was on the user's system. From what you're saying, it doesn't really modify it, but rather it replaces it. That makes sense. I think I will grab the MMS.apk from...
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    [MOD] [3.2.22] Control Panel Suite [DISCONTINUED]

    Would be great if you could re-integrate it! Just to be clear: If i use an older version of control panel suite (one that has the rotation mod), will i be able to successfully use the rotation mod to enable rotation in my current 3.1.22 install?
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    [MOD] [3.2.22] Control Panel Suite [DISCONTINUED]

    Does anyone know what the last version of control panel to include the sms rotation was (I see it has been removed from the most recent versions)? If i used an older version of control panel to try to enable sms rotation (that's the only mod I need) would it work on a recent version of miui...
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    New Photo Frame issue

    Also have this issue on sgs2
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.9.14 Changelog

    You can skip the gapps flashing part as the miuiandroid roms come with gapps installed.
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    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.9.14 Changelog

    You already asked that question in the preview thread yesterday and someone answered you.
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    Preview MIUI ROM 2.9.14 Changelog preview

    I assume that Xiaomi's focus is bug fixing and creating new features for the devices that they actually make money on (MI-one, Mi-Two).
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    There are a few online lockscreens which are extremely similar to the default MIUI one. I have one called "v4" which I downloaded ages ago (I might have even downloaded it from somewhere on this site). It seems to perform much, much better than the default lockscreen which comes with MIUI...
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    Preview MIUI ROM 2.9.7 Changelog (preview)

    That's correct. Now could people please stop asking about 4.04 on the sgs2?