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Nov 12, 2016
May 29, 2011
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Nov 12, 2016
    1. laverguenza
      is there a cm11 version that support MI2s with merged partitions?
      sorry but i'm searching it for a week now and it's nowhere to be seen!
    2. nightmike
      Hi M1cha, first of all, thanks again for your amazing work with aries. I just need a little help, you know which file I need to edit for enable volume buttons wake up? Regards, Mike.
      1. M1cha
        that's supported in CM by default. just check the Button settings.
        Oct 19, 2015
    3. VinSWADED
      Great to hear you teamed up with Ivan, without you two Mi2(s) would be dead!
      No rush I still use a 4.4 based rom for some xposed features.
      Thank you and keep up the good work Mr. Zimmermann.
      1. M1cha likes this.
    4. VinSWADED
      Hi M1cha been almost 3 months since my last query, anything new and exciting? How is GRUB coming along?
      1. M1cha
        I'm working together with Ivan now to give you guys the best possible ROM experience. first we'll improve his AOSP as much as possible using the CM12 changes and both our experiences and then I'll port all the stuff over to CM again.

        about GRUB: this is a GIANT project. I'm still working on it and u guys will know about any news as soon as I do :)
        May 4, 2015
    5. eric73100
      Succeeded :unbrick.
      1. M1cha likes this.
      2. M1cha
        May 3, 2015
      3. eric73100
        For some reason disappeared from the system partition. Rewritten by the partition table.
        May 3, 2015
    6. eric73100
      Pls help.It worked like a charm the first time, but when i was going to downgrade to older miui because of some bugs i did the fastboot thing again. This time i got an error message in miflash 'partition table doesn't exist' and the phone will not boot into anything but fastboot after this no matter what i do.THE fastboot 05/04/23 succeed.Rom other error ( Mi2s)
    7. VinSWADED
      Hey M1cha, are there new things finished/planned for our Mi 2s? Which setup do you recommend??
      1. M1cha
        for the moment, keep using old(cm11) or official(miuiv6) stuff if u want a stable ROM.

        I continued my work on mi2 yesterday and try to get a stable version of CM12 asap.
        There will be many changes in the custom ROM world of the MI2 so the best thing you can do is to wait for the good news :)
        Feb 15, 2015
    8. JohnLocke
      Hi! I've a problem with xiaomi mi2s and Miui 6 KK, I've flashed Miui 6 zip and patch for Mi2s with cwm, but smartphone after two or three hours restarts itself again and again. Only if I switch off and on, mi2s not restart immediatley, bit after hours it reboot again. Why? What can I do? Help please, and sorry for my bad English. Thanks
    9. cyclone71
    10. Dark_Nightmare
      Hi M1cha, you have a pm, please, reply me.

      Thanks ;)
    11. GuseppiGuliano
      Hi there! I really love the official cm11 nightlies for Mi2s, however in my prospect it has only one setback from MIUI.... :/
      I hate to say, but, the sound quality, clarity and loudness is not even on par with what is on MIUI. I even tried Viper4Android. It does not help much...

      I thought you might know how to port or put the audio configuration from MIUI to CM11 (mi2s). It would really be wonderful.
      Please reply!
    12. ndayto
      Dear micha, thank you to bring official cm11 for mi2. Would you help me to add cdma network option on your next official cm11 update? My mi2sc work perfectly on gsm network. But when i insert cdma ruim card, my device cant receive cdma network. I had posted this report on jira, but banned because nightly.
    13. Eduardo Serralvo Gil
      Eduardo Serralvo Gil
      Hey micha just wanted to ask you something real quick :) I assume you will port android l developer preview sometime in the meantime, how difficult is it to port it to m2a? I use this phone and I'm really hopeful to get this as google said nexus 4 will be supported. Don't want to bother you, sorry if I did :P
    14. rtfpessoa
      Hy M1cha, i saw you were able to merge TDB into CyanogenMod bootable recovery. Can you help me updating Mione device to be able to use it?
      I saw you added two flags and some files under recovery folder. Can you tell me exactly what should i need to change?

      Thanks for your work,
      1. linuxx
        build a cwm recovery using mi1 dev tree and nothing else
        Jul 8, 2014
    15. Howieson33
      Hallo Micha vielleicht kennst du mich wenn du an der FH Informatik studierst. Arbeite im Koffein. Hast du Facebook würde mich mal intressieren ob ich dich kenne. Grüße aus Mannheim :)
    16. Paradoxx
      Hello M1cha! Can you explain issue with mi2s camera - low fps video recording? Is it any possible way to solve this or work in progress?
    17. Henry_01
      Could you make the font in CWM a bit larger. Its hardly readible for me.
    18. Henry_01
      Voila donation is done. Would be great if your kernel is fully working by the end of the year :)
      1. M1cha likes this.
      2. M1cha
        That would be great indeed :)
        And hopefully before xmas so I can enjoy the phone instead of developing on it :D
        Sep 14, 2013
    19. Georgi Stoyanov
      Georgi Stoyanov
      I am using the following command: ./fastboot flash radio /home/username/radio.img
    20. Georgi Stoyanov
      Georgi Stoyanov
      HI M1cha, could you hint me how can I update the radio firmware on my Xiaomi M2A using the fastboot. I am using Linux, so I managed to convert the zip file to img using dd, but when I try to flash the radio.img it says
      sending 'radio' (22521 KB)...
      OKAY [ 1.997s]
      writing 'radio'...
      FAILED (remote: partition table doesn't exist)
      1. M1cha
        the partition name is modem (modem1 for system2) not radio
        Sep 14, 2013
    21. chu
      hi ,can you tell me the share code of mi 2 can be pack a rom?thansks!
    22. leqqy
      wajik said.
      I told you, that was framework bug, if you follow my changelog, That bug fixed from version 3.3.22.
      Problem is inside framework-miui-res.apk, so if you will get this file from non miuiandroid based 3.2.22 ROM,
      you will get working chinesse settings.
    23. leqqy
      man ,can you fix the wiui v4 3.2.22 for me?
      1. M1cha
        you can use kernelreplacer.zip it will make wiui or any other rom boot
        Jun 30, 2013
    24. s01o
      Hello! recovery-clockwork- - Does it work Mi2s/32GB?
      1. M1cha
        Jun 11, 2013
      2. s01o
        10x ! :)
        Jun 11, 2013
      3. z1352367587
        And does it work for Mi2s/32GB with two systems?
        Jan 3, 2014
    25. Seyit Acar
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