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    Xiaomi Xiaomi Press Conference & Product Launch Visit To Beijing By

    I also never heard of a mini sim. As far as I know there's sim, micro-sim and nano-sim (like in iPhone). It'll be hard not to sell my Oppo Find5 and buy a Mi3... :)
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    New OPPO Find5 random hangs

    For the last few weeks I've been facing hangups. The leds work, but the display won't turn on, so I have to force reboot... I've had it with every 3.8.X rom... Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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    MULTI MIUI Multi lang 3.8.30/29

    For some reason I lost the standard app for video and music, that come with the standard rom on my oppo. How can I get them back?
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    Phone stuck at MIUI logo

    already reinstalled... but thanks for the suggestion :)
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    Phone stuck at MIUI logo

    I don't know what happenned, but yesterday, I rebooted my phone, but it's stuck at the logo screen. I already restored a previous backup, but no help what so ever. The phone also gets really hot... Is it broken? ***EDIT*** Reinstalling didn't work eighter... ***EDIT2*** Had to factory...
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    New Bug in multilang cam-app - foldername

    I have same problem, but if you copy the files to the folder DCIM/camera, the files will be stored in the gallery app home folder. Unfortunately, this can't be automated :-(
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    MULTI MIUI Multi Lang 3.8.9

    Goddamn, gmail woke me up again this night :( Forgot that it's not included in the DND mode... Big to do for xiaomi imho!!
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    MULTI MIUI Multi Lang 3.8.9

    Lol first time I noticed that the calendar icon rotates... Has this always been like this? Btw is there a way to change the notificationled's colour?
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    Changelog MIUI 3.8.9 Changelog

    Does this update fix the fact that e-mailnotifications would make a noise even when "do not disturb" is on? Or does "Global notification" mean something else?
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    MULTI MIUI Multi Lang 3.8.2

    The quiet mode is great, but it should mute ALL notifications, not only calls or sms. I keep getting notified from e-mails and other programs too...
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    New Torch not working on OPPO with multilang roms

    As title says, the torch doesn't work on the OPPO's with the multilang rom installed.
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    Problem with app

    On my previous phone I was able to use to display full screen pictures of the caller. In the MIUI rom, the option just ain't there, and I'm stuck with a thumbnail picture. Anyone solved this one? Thx!
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    Same here with Geocaching app...
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    miui v5 and incompatible apps

    I installed market helper, but it doesn't seem to do anything. It still says that my phone is incompatible :-( Edit I finally got market helper to work, but I get an error when installing my app. Missing shared library... Any ideas?
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    Tutorial How To Update/upgrade Miui?

    When will the OTA for the multilang be released? Or is that only for the English version?