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    [MOD][MIUI GB] Skip track via volume press

    settings -> System -> Button settings
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    Launcher MOD

    download andy his modded version download normal MIUI version (same week build would be the best!) download a program called "beyond compare" decompile both apk's compare them with the program and you can see what lines in wich files are changed! add these changes in the new MIUI launcher...
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    no need for editing that every week man! i got a better solution for you (: when you add this line in the build.prop persist.adb.notify=0 you won't see the notification icon anymore when you change it into persist.adb.notify=1 you will see it again if you just add a writeline to your...
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    Launcher MOD

    Since it is in the /system/app folder you should put it there :) and be sure you set the permission
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    Launcher MOD

    Just extract the zip and push the files in place
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    Launcher MOD

    1.8.5 laucher works flawless on 1.8.12 so why make one for 1.8.12?