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    I also have the Polish language in the appvault.. the is possible to get a different search motor (not microsoft news) ,In future?
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    External Camera On Redmi3

    Now with new miui9 it working.
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    External Camera On Redmi3

    I want to connect a endoscop but the phone does not see the camera. I try with Camerafi ,MScope....and no result....Please help me!!
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    Usb Pcb Connector Broken - Pcb Board Spare Parts - Redmi Note 3 Pro Se

    Original parts find on
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    Parental Control

    This app won't work with ''time''
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    Parental Control

    Hey.Please help:I need a program to lock the phone my child at certain times.I tried several programs,but all stop working or can be disabled in „permissions manager„.The phone have root and runs rom.thanks
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    MIUI 8.2 6.11.10

    You make a great work...thanks for that.! But in this release i don' find charging sound switch(redmi3) Thanks again!
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    Background Synchronization Weather App

    I want the application to synchronize more often, for example 1 hour ; to do so in the background automatically.Can someone do something?
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    Anyone Found Some Armour Case For Redmi 3 Pro?

    How many you want y found on aliexpres
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    [rom]-- Smiui Rom -- Ultimate Custom Rom --[multilang,stable/weekly]

    Hey. Seb can you put back option to „sound off „when connect usb charging.Thanks
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    Check Bootloader If It Is Blocked

    How do I know if bootloader it's locked or not?