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    [Suggestion/Request] Clearing *all* recents

    X button is same as Clear all in many roms.
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    [Suggestion] Let user decide if enable or not FAST CHARGE

    Higher the charging speed and temperature, lower the battery life. Even the quick charge doesn't charge at very high level so difference is not huge, but it still exists.
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    [Suggestion] Let user decide if enable or not FAST CHARGE

    Fast charging damages battery more compared to slow charging, if you leave your device to charge over night speed does not matter.
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    Bank apps funktionieren nicht
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    Absolutely impossible to unlock MiPad4 - tested every tutorial the last 5 days - really need help.

    First sounds like USB 3 problem. Use Win 7 and USB 2.0 port. Install MiFlash first, it installs all drivers. After "fasboot devices" return serial number you can unlock.
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    Xiaomi warranty / technical support in Europe

    At least here in Finland warranty covers only devices bought inside EU and only if manufacturer has official importer in Finland and same device is sold here. AFAIK Xiaomi does not have official importer here yet, local Xiaomi resellers warranty covers only devices bought from them. Some...
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    Downloading the newest Xiaomi-EU-Rom via Update-Tool?

    Mi 8 is quite new device, it does not have official Pie compatible TWRP yet (AFAIK), there might be small hiccups with unofficial TWRP builds. When it gets official TWRP it should go without problems.
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    Questions about theme manager

    Can i download icon-packs with Themes app?
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    Mi Pad 4 kernel sources relesed

    Great news, i was afraid they don't release them because it's china-only device.
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    driver for Xiaomi MI A2

    Install latest MiFlash, it installs all drivers.
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    New Mi Pad 4 - MIUIv10.1 Stable - Power has stopped

    Not sure if it has stopped completely, but try Clear data from Power app (Settings/Installed apps/All apps). Edit: Did not help. Edit2: Enabled Gaming mode and gave it permissions when it asked, might have helped.
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    Buying xiaomi from china / First Xioami phone

    After unlocking bootloader you can flash global rom.