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    MIUI 12.0 20.5.14

    Had the same here on Mi Mix 3, to fix I have done all the permissions again, I went into App. Info and for now it seems to work OK I will update if anything changes
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    MIUI 8.2 7.2.9

    Hey guys, anybody tried fast charging after the update? My Mi Max Pro doesn't do fast charging anymore. It worked great on last version.
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    MULTI Miui 8 Alpha

    What theme is that please?
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    Weekly To Stable

    A clean wipe... That doesn't delete stored personal data is like this: Wipe Data Wipe System Wipe Cache Wipe Dalvik Install desired ROM and Wipe Cache/Dalvik. [emoji106] Sent from my Mi-4c using Tapatalk
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    Weekly To Stable

    nope. I have flashed stable rom, not MIUI official. I still have TWRP and everything is OK, I'm just on the stable release :)
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    Weekly To Stable

    Just the usual through TWRP, wipe data, wipe cache, wipe dalvik and format system. Please remember this will remove everything you had installed but not your photos, music, videos etc. Sent from my Mi-4c using Tapatalk
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    Weekly To Stable

    Hi mate. I was on 6.4.28 last and found the battery life appalling. In truth previous 3-5 builds have been the same. Now I just clean flashed the stable and battery life is considerably better. The stable doesn't have the New Weather app and probably other weekly tweaks but I am OK...
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    MULTI 5.9.10/11

    EN of course, tried a Cache Wipe after upgrading
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    MULTI 5.9.10/11

    # yup, same here. Select, FC and exits the Gallery App. I'm going back to 5.8.27, I had Bluetooth streaming problems on 5.9.1
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    MULTI 5.9.10/11

    same here on my Redmi 2 Enhanced. :) No big issue, just thought I mention it.
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    MULTI 4.6.20

    this weeks Chinese ROM is delayed because the developer is busy porting KitKat MIUI to the Nexus 4 (Mako), that is all I can say for now :D :)
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    MULTI 4.4.4

    thank you guys for the Nexus 4 ROM.
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    MULTI 4.4.4

    no Nexus 4 this week guys ?!?
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    Custom ROM based on Stable 13 - Redmi Experience WCDMA Final Edition ®

    can you please tell me what is the weather widget from the screenshots? thanks