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    MIUI 11.2 9.12.26/27

    On Mi 9 (cepheus, dirty flash) there's a Black screen with the old Android UI when I open every app. It's not that big of a deal but it's very annoying, especially if on locked apps I get two black screens
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    Dirty flash on Mi 9, Gallery and themes apps crash when i open them. Gallery in particular behaves strangely, it's called "And" when in english(UK) (or "e" in italian which is my language) and doesn't open. It's not a huge problem for me since i use google photos, but i can't set centered...
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    I'm really happy Q has been released so soon for Mi9, but i'm gonna wait for TWRP decryption before flashing this release. Anyway, great work! Keep it up guys!
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    No audio when using speakerphone during calls on Mi9, was working perfectly on 9.7.19 (ita). Had the same issue with 9.7.22.
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    Finally Google pay working on my Mi9

    OP's guide didn't work, but this one did like charm on Mi9 latest update (weekly 9.7.22). Added cards without a problem, now just waiting to actually test it in a shop
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    A couple of problems on Mi 9. First of all, it keeps reminding me that i need to update even though i already did. Second thing, when i receive a notification and the screen lights up, it doesn't start face recognition and therefore i can't see the content of the notification, which i hid in the...
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    Same problems as the previous Update (9.4.11), Magisk still not working on Mi9 even after clean flash. It self-reboot into recovery after about 20 seconds
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    Well...Things have just gone from bad to worse. I tried a clean install and surprise surprise, the initial setup crashes at the end. This is driving me crazy. Luckly i can go home in an hour so i can flash 9.3.28 and skip this super-buggy update for the time being.
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    Nope, same problem. I guess i'll have to wipe everything tomorrow, hoping that a clean install will fix it.
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    I've already tried, it says ERROR 1, uninstall it from magisk manager. Since i can't root because it reboots too quickly, i therefore can't uninstall magisk from its manager. I was using canary version, maybe with beta it's better, i'll try
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    I'm having issues with Magisk after dirty Flash on Mi9. Everything works fine for 10/15 seconds then it reboots into recovery without an apparent reason. If i dirty flash again the update without magisk, everything works as it should without any reboot. Dunno if the culprit is the dirty flash...
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    Phone app crashing in this version
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    Any help?
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    Never had this problem before when updating to a new release but after flashing through twrp(without any wipe, just dalvik/cache) on mi5x every app already installed crashes and the system lags. The only way to install the update without problems is a full wipe but i can't wipe every week...
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    MIUI 9.1 7.11.9

    Still no whatsapp and telegram notification sounds on mi5x