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    Just to close this, I think until today under Android 11 this is still messy. I had somehow managed o flash 10 over 11, but there weere some leftover it seems and that was causing the bootloop. clean install on 10 and everything runs nice
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    Best ROM version for K30 pro /Poco F2 pro

    I use the last stable Android 10 rom (12.0.8) i use xposed and also mess a lot with /system, so no android 11 for me runs all nice and smooth, and i can't live without customuizer anymore
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    Battery drain issues on oh mi mix 3 4g android 11.05 global rom stable

    Install Accu Battery and check the capacity left. I had the issue that my batt was broken. looked very similar. Fro replacement I would recommend the Lefee 4000mAh
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    How to update System apps from xiaomi on EOL MiMix 3 device

    Thats what I mentioned. You need another package installer.
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    How to update System apps from xiaomi on EOL MiMix 3 device

    did you try adb? i think this a problem of the packet-installer. on my poco f2 pro i had the same issue. just replace with another packet installer, or try with adb using 'install ... -r -g' as option
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    How to update System apps from xiaomi on EOL MiMix 3 device

    How do you update those apps? Through system app updater?
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    How to update System apps from xiaomi on EOL MiMix 3 device

    you can download from nsources like apkmirror,com just search fro xiaomi and you will find it the rest should work through the system apps updater (in settings)
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    searching for a broken or bricked mix 3 or cheap used one (under 150 dollar)

    i had a nice mi mix 3 in black, until it fall down around a month ago, now use the poco f2 pro. my ceramic back, the front camera glass and the display were cracked, therefore new repair parts would be more expensive than the phone ever was. anybody here as a black mix 3 with a broken board...
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    Is there a way to make ARCore to work in a K30 5G?

    Quite strange, I installed that from the store directly, but didn't use it until now, so can't judge on the functionality. Which country are you located at?
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    EDL mode and flash China Stable Rom

    did you try fastboot rom? just flash through fastboot directly
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    I used Riru 21.1 Will 22.4 work? I saw its compatible to the latest Yahfa and Sandhook packages
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    Redmi k30 5g logo miui help

    Just download the latest stable here, format data in twrp and flash again. Should be all good. If not, download a fastboot rom and start from scratch, using Miflash tool or just flash through fastboot. If you use MiFlash remember to use clear all option only, without relocking the bootloader...
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    It is possible to modify /system (android 10)

    right, i see too, magisk is more beautiful way to achieve those changes (and longer lasting) i think also it is much more safe. By the way, I used your module template for some apps (Elixir System) and it works just like a charm. Thnaks again
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    It is possible to modify /system (android 10)

    you are right. but its not only apps. also this is not very stable i think. i just wanted ro highlight the possibility, after i was searching here for a longer time already