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    MIUI 8.2 6.11.24

    Reuploded version on redmi 3, weather working, Gmail working but after some standby not syncing. I get mail just manual refresh Gmail, same weather, not automatic update
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    MULTI 6.7.14/15

    After this update redmi3 goes to sleep while playing video on YouTube app full screen
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    MULTI 6.6.30

    IDO. How to disable twrp super su check? After update it always ask install superSU but i dont need it. twpp 3.0.0
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    MULTI 6.6.16/17/18 - Miui 8

    There was on miui 7 on battery settings clean memory option. now i see is option clear cache when device is locked. It is same?
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    MULTI 6.5.26 - Last Miui 7!

    DND dont distribute mode still not working on redmi 3. Incoming calls ringing and show contact like normal mode
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    MULTI 6.5.12

    Redmi 3 6.5.12 not working DND mode. I thins it was same on earlear version
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    MULTI 6.4.14

    Redmi 3 latest 6.4.14 permissions - root access - no apps have root access. But I have some apps it need root access. How to make it work?
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    MULTI 6.4.14

    Today updated ido without problem, with updater app. No need to reflash twrp recovery to fix update fail :)
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    Rom Differences

    Thank you for answer. But global ROM is with Google play, no China apps?
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    MULTI 6.4.7

    Thank you!! Update failed like always, i flashed twpr like you say and install update ROM without lossing any thing. :)
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    MULTI 6.4.7

    Have you try first install with miflash China stable version and then with updater update to developer version?
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    MULTI 6.4.7

    I download update file. Choose by updater app. Phone restart itself to twrp recovery and try to install update. While update process phone restart itself and try to boot, show MI logo but restart in twrp again, and twrp say system partition is red only, swipe to allow modification. After that...
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    MULTI 6.4.7

    So how to update correctly redmi3 from 6.3.31 to this version? Last two my updates by updater app have to finish with full formatting
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    Rom Differences

    Hi. I'm using stable rom on redmo note 2. Can some one tell what is difference between roms and official redmi note 2 global version (not china)?