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    New feature suggestion - Call button on Phone/Contacts list

    I guess is it really that necessary when your only 1 screen touch away anyway.
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    have you reinstalled a2sd?
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    1.8.19 Radio on DHD not translated

    Install the language pack
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    1.8.19 Settings lost on restart

    Anyone else loosing all their settings after a reboot? Things like 'Notification Volume and Auto Data Sync'? Handset - HTC Desire (Bravo)
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    1.8.19 Gmail Label Notification Bug

    If you go into Settings>Programs>Gmail Settings and try to set the 'Labels to Notify' options it Force Closes.
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    change sound notification for gmail...

    Never noticed that and yes it FC's.
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    Miui account on OTA Updater.

    just figured out its easier to register using Mitalk...use the same login details.
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    change sound notification for gmail...

    Gmail uses the default 'notifications' sound you can set within settings, don't recall ever being able to set a different tone on my HTC handset so it must have been specific to your manufacturer. I prefer to use the standard Mail client myself as you can set a different tone for that within...