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    Mi Cloud Problems

    Same here. Is there any official word regarding these issues?
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    Battery Drain!! Miui 9 Version 7.11.23

    I have WiFi turned on unless I am outside my work or home or sleep. Mobile data is always on unless I sleep. When I go to sleep I turn Silent mode on. These are the apps I always keep on and keep them locked so that the RAM optimizer doesn't clean them: Viber, WhatsApp, Firefox, WeChat...
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    Battery Drain!! Miui 9 Version 7.11.23

    I don't know what you're doing with your phones, but with normal use (mostly calls) on LTE I get about 5 days on a single charge (V9.0.4.0)... In the picture below, charging is from connecting to a computer to take down a couple of pictures and videos, so it was connected for no more than 5...
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    Recents Button??

    I will go with "I am not sure" - there are Home, Menu and Back button (according to the available options in the above-mentioned settings), meaning that Recents would be 4th. Or Recents in this case is supposed to mean something else? I've edited my original post to reflect the official names.
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    New Lockscreen Shortcuts And Mi Video App In Miui 9

    Can anyone confirm: 1.) Adding/removing quick access shortcuts (for things such as camera) from lockscreen (as was the case in MIUI 8) is no longer a feature in MIUI 9? 2.) Once I've upgraded to MIUI 9, I've noticed a Mi Video app which however won't start (it doesn't crash, it just won't...
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    Recents Button??

    Today I was going through some settings and in 'Additional settings' > 'Button and gesture shortcuts' I ran into an option to define a function for a Recents button (under Press navigation buttons). For all I know, there are: - volume buttons and on/off button on the side of the phone and -...
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    Just A Typo I've Noticed, Not Sure If You Guys Know

    Instead of opening another thread, I will just piggyback here - "You already up to date!" - a message received after checking for updates in Updater app via Check button (MIUI 9 version, NCFCNEI, Note 4X)
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    Miui 9 Stable On Note 4x Sd

    Hello, I am a new guy here, but I've been following the forums for quite a while now. I was waiting for the MIUI 9 stable release for RN 4X SD and a couple of days ago I've noticed it came out, however every time I googled or looked up on the forum, I couldn't find much information regarding...