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    Start Download for Mix3. Thanks
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    MIUI 8.3 7.2.16/17

    Thank you for Your work to the update: thank
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    MIUI 8.2 6.12.15

    Thank's a lot .. download do now in update
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    MIUI 8.2 6.12.8

    thk very good work
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    MIUI 8.2 6.11.10

    thk for Your excellent work
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    MIUI 8.2 6.11.3

    hanks for your incredible job
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    MIUI 8.2 6.10.27

    Sorry how is possible??? Xiaomi.Eu NOT release 6.10.27 to Kenzo ( Where You downloat this version?
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    MIUI 8.2 6.9.8/9

    Tnk very much
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    MULTI 6.6.16/17/18 - Miui 8

    Updatrer App or TWRP? For Updater App in witch forder I must save the file and any particular name? Tnk for all help. Alex
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    MULTI 6.6.16/17/18 - Miui 8

    Yes is correct. One question: I arrive from Xiaomi.EU weekly based Miui7 (xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote3Pro_6.6.17_v8-5.1) . The update is from last Miui7 to new Miui8 (always weekly and always Xiaomi.EU) - to instal new Miui8 I must do all wipe (cleaning completely) or is possible to instal...