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    Proper CRT off animation GUIDE for Galaxy SIII and Moded file MIUI V5_4.1.17 Updated

    Hi, is it possible to make one for the sgs2???
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    My bad, I confused it with the i9000. I got so used to not seeeing it there with v4. but what about the forum page for the s2??? like you said it been out of beta for a while now
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    Hi, can someone explain to me why there is two versions of the galaxy i9100??? the xiaomi and xiaomi beta. I thought that the i9100 was not beta anymore.... Also why is there not v5 forum page for this phone either???
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    New Facebook Messenger Bug

    Got the same problem here, I find if I go to the messenger app then it tends to disappear, but it's annoying just the same..
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    Hey Mark and Conner, I've just found a typo in Settings - Buttons & Keys - Long Press Screen Keys. Every time the word 'Launch' should be written, it is instead 'Lunch' lol. This is on the Galaxy S2
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    Xiaomi Miui Theme Policy Updated - 16.04.13

    Tried another 3 times, still not working. It's going to cost Xiaomi a lot on their sms bill :rolleyes:
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    Xiaomi Miui Theme Policy Updated - 16.04.13

    I tried it again today, but still getting the Chinese code as the sms. I'll try again see if there is any different
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    Xiaomi Miui Theme Policy Updated - 16.04.13

    Did you manage to bind your email??? I'm stuck there as well
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    Xiaomi Miui V5 Icon Design Format Information

    What about if you don't want them to be square at all??? I was planning on making an icon pack with minimalistic shapes. I think the iphonesq rounded corner squares look too iphoney for my liking. (That's why i use android, cus i don't like iphone and ios!!!)
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    New For all those with battery drain on SGS2

    I'm having this problem as well on my sg2 also it keeps waking up without me touching it. The lockscreen keeps turning on and off for several times in a row, draining the battery a lot faster than normal. I'm having to put it on charge in the early evening and I'm not using it that much. When...
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    No sgs2????
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    Preview MIUI ROM 2.11.23 Preview Changelog (week 116)

    Does this mean that they will be breaking themes again, like when they went from gb to ics???? :rolleyes:
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    [MOD] [3.2.22] Control Panel Suite [DISCONTINUED]

    That's exactly what i have, an s2 and it doesn't lag with go launcher
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    [MOD] [3.2.22] Control Panel Suite [DISCONTINUED]

    I don't think that i have any lag, as i use go launcher as miui doesn't have an app draw.