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    Hi Mark, we are trying to dig out some chinese characters in the smali of contacts.apk but what I think are chinese characters just display as "?" when I open the smali. Can you point me in the right direction as to why I can't find the chinese. I'm using the windows version of apktool and...
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    Too loud volume in calls.

    Random call volume changes I have had this problem on an off with every MIUI kernel but not with cyanogenmod or vorkkernel. I usually find that if you turn the volume UP from minimum and then down again its starts to behave normally for a while and then a few days later its back to its old...
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    [0.12.3] high battery usage

    We are getting a lot of reports of unusually high battery usage for 0.12.3 on the Whirlpool MIUI-Au forum. Eg: "Hmmmm I can add myself to the ones that have big batt drain issues I guess. Im pretty sure i had about 50% left before i went to sleep, and i woke up and it says put it to the...
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    Firewall (Blacklist/Whitelist)

    The new firewall function does not work with private, withheld or unknown numbers :( The previous MIUI version had the option to do the above via a individual block section, would love this feature to work on future MIUI versions. I`ve tried adding -1 to the blacklist and adding it into a...
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    [WIFI TETHER] Bug with SSID on HTC Desire using WPA security

    When WiFi tether is used, computer running Win 7 adds a digit to SSID every time it connects. If SSID is HTCWIFI, first connection is HTCWIFI, second connection is HTCWIFI 1, next connection is HTCWIFI 2 and creates a new WIFI profile for every connection. My Laptop registry has over 100 WiFi...
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    menu button bug on htc desire

    Yes its a definte bug - happens to me all the time. Press vol down to cancel then its OK