[WIFI TETHER] Bug with SSID on HTC Desire using WPA security


Dec 2, 2010
When WiFi tether is used, computer running Win 7 adds a digit to SSID every time it connects. If SSID is HTCWIFI, first connection is HTCWIFI, second connection is HTCWIFI 1, next connection is HTCWIFI 2 and creates a new WIFI profile for every connection. My Laptop registry has over 100 WiFi profiles from MIUI connections. HTC Sense ROM's do not do this. Pretty sure its a problem with all Kernels based on AOSP (at least with vork, oxygen & cyanogen as well as MIUI)

Note, have checked Mac address, does not change, IP address does not change so can't understand why Laptop sees it as a new connection every time.