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    Passing Safety Net on MIUI 13

    It worked like this on my Mi Pad 5: Install Magisk Canary from github In Magisk go to Settings and Hide Magisk Manager In Magisk go to Settings and enable Zygisk Download latest safetynet-fix for zygisk from github Install the zip in Magisk then reboot For me this was enough, because I am on...
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    MIUI+ for non-supported devices

    Here's how to actually use MIUI+ on supported devices on ROM MIUI+ allows you to control your smartphone from your Windows PC, seeing it's screen and using Keyboard & Mouse. It also syncs several things like Photos, Calendar and Messages. MIUI+ only works for a limited set of...
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    MIUI 12.6 21.3.31/4.1/2

    The gallery now has a Moiré suppression filter. That happens when you use have two matrices of different row/column width overlayed. For example taking a photo with a CMOS sensor of a LCD screen. You'll see screen moiré
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    MIUI 12.5 21.2.3/4

    Mi 10 Pro (CMI) bootloops after I did this: had a a 6 months old weekly (A11) with LR.Team's TWRP 0623 and Magisk rebooted into my installed LR.Team TWRP 0623 on the device (not adb boot) flashed this threads weekly ROM for cmi booted into MIUI, without problems, waited a few minutes...
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    Mi 10t lite - MIUI 12.5 - Google assistant problem

    Same issue on Mi 10 Pro with MIUI 12.2 (20.9.24), the toggle to activate 'hey google' turns off immediately after turning on. I think it's an Android 11 problem, as all ROMs based on A11 have it for Mi 10 Pro, at least for me.
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    Twrp data shows 0 MB after install miui 12.5

    I'm not sure, but did you try to use LR.Team TWRP and not flash it, but just directly boot from it, via ADB? Or if you're on Mi10 you can try little turtle's mod:
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    Magisk Manager not detecting Magisk

    Yes Magisk Canary has Android 11 support. Did you try this?
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    [Bug] Second space resets automatically

    Can someone confirm? MIUI 12.1 (20.6.18) Reproduce: 1. Setup second space 2. Setup its own play store/google account 3. Install a few apps, take a few photos/videos 4. Wait a few days or weeks and also reboot sometimes 5. Suddenly second space will have all apps reset like you run them the...
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    Xposed On Mix2s (oreo Miui9?)

    Regular xposed doesn't normally work. You need to wait for solarwarez to modify the proper xposed version for your android version SDK. Currently solarwarez doesn't provide a modded version for Android 8.0 as far as I remember.
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    Face Unlock

    WARNING: there are two cust folders, one inside the other. Don't delete the outer folder. Go inside /cust and delete the cust folder inside.
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    Can anyone make this Camera mod work?

    You comment on a 4 year old thread for a mod that is more than outdated. Don't expect any answer. Xiaomi doesn't support the Camera2 API but the default MIUI Camera app has manual mode for their official devices since MIUI 6/7.
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    Resolved MIUI blocks you from downloading files >20MB

    i've got the same problem on Download app doesn't have an unlimited option.
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    Google Playstore App Download Speed Patch(for Recent Eu Rom & Global Rom)

    Any chance to put this into an xposed module?
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    [rom]-- Smiui Rom -- Ultimate Custom Rom --[multilang,stable/weekly]

    Does someone or @sebsch1991 know, what lines in what file exactly have to be changed, to boost the headphone volume on Mi Note Pro? It's very low since the latest Chinese Dev ROM update, and I saw that sMIUI has a volume boost mod. I'd like to do that on my ROM. Thanks a lot