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    [SOLVED] Migrating to a larger SDCard

    Solved. The backup got somehow corrupted. A re-backup did the trick.
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    [SOLVED] Migrating to a larger SDCard

    Hey guys! I just bought an 8gb card for my Desire (originally it has a 4gb one). I don't have a A2SD or anything like that currently, but I possible will in the future. The phone is rooted, S-OFFed and runs MIUI. What I did. Made a nandroid backup, copied it and titanium backup files to the...
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    [Fixed] Statusbar glitch in 2.1.13

    Thank you, mates! Must have flashed the stale version, my bad..
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    [Fixed] Statusbar glitch in 2.1.13

    Hey. I'm seeing a strange artefact on over the statusbar on the lockscreen. Any ideas if it's fixable?
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    What's wrong with visiting the corresponding page of the site each week FRI-SAT with the mobile browser? :)
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    [MOD][MIUI GB] Skip track via volume press

    Thanks for the good work, Andy. BTW you can use as a free web-server for your uploads. :)
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    [MIUI Browser] Slow navigation and hangups!

    Nah, just use Opera Mobile..
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    [Bug-List] Post the bugs you found that need to be fixed before the "stable" version.

    HTC Desire 1.8.5 - Trouble with unlocking SIM card. Have to do it twice. - Trouble with GPS. When there's an option to use WIFI for identifying location is turned on, but the wifi itself is turned off the gps receiver identifies my location and turns off (won't track my movement, just points the...
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    [MOD][MIUI GB] Skip track via volume press

    Same here with 1.8.5
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    [1.7.29] launcher bug ( icons order)

    I can't even update properly. Launcher FC as soon as I boot up. Tried both miuiandroid and ROMs. Anyone having such troubles?
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    DSP Manager

    I couldn't install it the ordinary way. Had to either push it with the ADB or insert into manually and then flash it..
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    FTP server not working on 1.7.15

    Works fine on Desire..
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    Android Market PLace new look!

    Now that's cool! Thanks for the link!
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    1.7.8 Music player doesn't download\use cover arts

    Hey! I noticed two strange bugs in the new updated music player app. Firstly it's the album art. Even though I have a corresponding cover art in each folder it show it only while I browse the media by album\artist. When I start playing, the app shows only the generic image. It should actually at...
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    A2sd+ in miui

    Do apps intall 100% to ext partition with apps2sd+? Or still some part of them is left? An I think there's some drawback still with the widget-enhanced apps, bc they automatically being pushed to sd card. Does this affect their ability to have widgets? And the last question. App data (not...