[Fixed] Statusbar glitch in 2.1.13

Zeak Zikansson

Jun 18, 2011
Hey. I'm seeing a strange artefact on over the statusbar on the lockscreen.
Any ideas if it's fixable?
That means your using an outdated mod. Probably 4 way reboot.

Since you can now use the status bar in full-screen mode you must get updated applications that handle the new code changes.
How funny.. all the talk about it and still.. anyway, it is MIUI Control panel thats causing it.

Grab the UPDATED version for 2.1.13 and also get the new 4 way reboot for 2.1.13.

when will 2.1.20 updates be likely for MIUI control panel etc. ^^ had same issue - so have reverted to 2.1.13 until news of updates
Again thats strange, Im running MIUI 2.1.20 and using the MIUI control panel 2.1.13 works fine.