android 10

  1. C

    How to enable ImageWallpaper service again in EU Android 10

    I want to enable System UI ImageWallpaper service that was disabled by Eu team to be replaced with MiuiWallpaper as home screen wallpaper service provider, for new devices and high hardware devices was a good idea but in low end devices ImageWallpaper is the best option and I want to re enable...
  2. C

    How can I disable system blur and tourn on screen animation added by Eu team in Eu ROMs A10?

    Somebody can tell me how to disable blur and turn on screen animation added to miui by Eu team, I want gray background and no animation with turn on screen. I have knowledge about system modifications and APK modifications, so you can tell me the method I can do it by myself. Pleas, help me with...
  3. C

    Mi8 Pro ( equuleus )softbrick cannot upgrade android Pie and Q

    hi all my phone Xiaomi Mi8 pro Equuleus was flashed custom Oxygen os and bricked my phone. Now i cannot install android 9 and 10 miui stock firmware. Everytime i install Mi8pro fastboot firmware android 9 , android 10, get stuck into Bootloader.I tried <Wipe /format > in recovery ,but did not...
  4. N

    Need help with downgrading

    Hi, I have poco F2 pro. Last week I updated to MIUI 12.5.2 and Android 11. However, I regret this decision because of small inconveniences. 1) Digital Wellbeing's Focus Mode does not work properly anymore. I still receive notification sounds even if Focus Mode is turned on. It was working...
  5. samirglima

    How will I update my device from now on? (Mi 9T Pro)

    Hi guys, before my mi 11, I had a mi 9T Pro (K20 Pro) with global ROM and switched to stable. When I gave my cell phone to my mother I put the global again and so far so good (it's currently in version 12.0.6, android 10). The "problem" started when the phone no longer updates over the...
  6. V

    Upgrade to android 11?

    Hi, I'm using MI9 with Global Stable rom android 10 right now but it is boring for me. I really want to try android 11 custom roms, cause roms for android 10 are mostly leaved by devs. What should I do? Install miui or do I need update to android 11 first? Thanks to all of You:)
  7. K

    Mi9T Migrate Xiaomi.EU Android 10 to Xioami.EU Android 11 without data loss

    Hey everyone, I have Xiaomi Mi9T with Xiaomi.EU ROM latest update September with Android 10, after that it migrated to Mi9T Model to Xiaomi.EU Android 11 version, but as far as I know, you should re -flash the device and loose all your data. My question is: is there a way to migrate without...
  8. M

    Regions Change

    I want to change regions on setting. How can I change regions on eu 12.8.0 stable?
  9. M

    FIXED! Mi 10T lite lag after I accidentally set ro reinstall again original version 12.0.1. eu

    FIXED! I did first located the problem.. the thing was that some apps did not shown120Hz mode.. then I did found a precise problem on youtube, I restored the refresh rate to 60Hz, went into the application settings and went through the application data for battery consumption, deleted all data...
  10. T

    Redmi 6 com Android 10?

    Percebi que não pretendem atualizar o Android do Redmi 6, então eu gostaria de saber quantos consumidores do produto apóiam ter uma atualização.
  11. R

    New DND on Mi cc9/mi 9 lite after Android 10 update

    Hello, after updating to android 10, both on the global version and on the xiaomi eu there is a bug. In Do Not Disturb (DND) mode, system sounds are still enabled! For example a whatsapp message sent! Can it be resolved in any way?
  12. S

    Invalid TWRP not working after latest stable

    Just updated the latest stable rom for poco (through the phone's updater) and now when i try to boot into twrp it says i need to put in a password to decrypt. What password is that? How can i use twrp again. halp
  13. M

    Invalid Summoners war

    Hello, i'm on Android 10 with my k20 pro. Summoners war is not smooth. Can you help me? I think it's cause of sound effect.
  14. limb0ist

    Ruined Bluetooth

    After updating to Android Q and MIUI 11, my Bluetooth started behaving weirdly. I even went a great long way to downgrade my phone back to Android 9 but still no avail. My Bluetooth forgets my last paired device (keeps asking for password of my car's bluetooth everytime I shut the engine down)...
  15. F

    Xiaomi Mi 6X will receive Android 10?

    I noticed that the phone Xiaomi Mi 8Lite received, I hope the Mi 6X too.
  16. D

    Override Force-dark

    Hi there! I just installed MIUI 11 for Xiaomi Mi 9, based on Android 10. It works great overall, yet I have seen that when you search in "Settings", an option called "Override force-dark" appears. This is exclusive to Android 10, and allows you to set dark theme for those apps which haven't...