FIXED! Mi 10T lite lag after I accidentally set ro reinstall again original version 12.0.1. eu


Dec 5, 2020
FIXED! I did first located the problem.. the thing was that some apps did not shown120Hz mode.. then I did found a precise problem on youtube, I restored the refresh rate to 60Hz, went into the application settings and went through the application data for battery consumption, deleted all data and after that I returned back the refresh rate from 60Hz to 120Hz and now everything works flawlessly
EDIT: All these apps working at 60Hz refresh rate even i set device to 120hz.
Hi guys. I'am a new here and first time xiomi user. So sorry if I am breaking some rules here.
So my problem are I clicked by mistake to reinstall my last package again, version 12.0.1 (original version) and now I have a lag on fb, youtube and google play store, folder files and while I'm in one of these applications I have to turn screen off and then turn on to make it work normally. tried a factory reset but it didn't help.. I am not really near hi-tech man, so will it at least help if i wait for OTA update? Thanks
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