1. pHneutral

    New WhatsApp voicenote recording slider stuck / crash & robotic voice after on Xiaomi 13 ultra

    Hi there, I hope someone can help me with the following frustrating issue, on this otherwise wonderful ROM. My friend and I have the same issue on same phone. We both have a Xiaomi 13 Ultra, and regularly when trying to record a voicenote with WhatsApp, the recording slider (up) freezes. It...
  2. Y

    Can i disable audio recording on mi camera 360?

    Can i disable audio recording on mi camera 360? I mean for the 24h auto loop recording. Thank you.
  3. B

    Mi 10T lite Microphone doesn't work

    My Xiaomi 10T Lite recently stopped picking up sound from it's microphone. It does recognize the app using the mic, but it doesn't pick up any sound/noise. (Android 13) Anyone knows a fix?
  4. A

    Mi 11 Lite 5G NE - Audio Issue

    Hello everyone, I just bought a Xiaomi 11 5G NE and I configured it all. I was watching a tv show (Friends) and I'm experiencing a weird issue with the audio. Basically, I hear songs and laughs (of the show) too loud but I can barely hear their voices when talking.. I thought it was because of...
  5. Y

    Mi 9 SE Bluetooth poor audio dynamic

    Audio via Bluetooth from Mi 9 SE has very poor quality - it seems that volume is automatically normalized - sound has very low dynamics. Volume strongly decreases when the music goes loud and vice-versa. Definitely it's a phone problem. Connected to a Bluetooth amplifier plays the same poor way...
  6. J3isoos

    New Mi 10 - Unbalanced speaker frequency response

    Hello, I'm new here so I hope I'm doing things right. I installed the latest beta on my Mi 10 (12.2 - 20.10.16), coming from a Vodafone Europe MIUI 11 (, if I'm not mistaken), and I instantly noticed something was up with the audio. I run Magisk v21 with no audio modifications...
  7. W

    New Mi 10 - 20.9.17 - Starting route on google maps crashes bluetooth audio

    Starting with version 20.9.04. When the phone is connected to my car via Bluetooth, starting a google maps route, or connecting android Auto, makes the bluetooth audio start to stutter. This stuttering keeps happening until the phone is restarted. Problem may be related to audio mixing, since...
  8. andibandi

    aptX on MIUI EU Stable build

    Hello! I'm planning to flash my device from Global Stable to EU Stable. Is Qualcomm's aptX HD enabled on the ROM? Thanks.
  9. marcodor

    New Android Auto / Podcast audio through USB

    On MiMax3, latest beta 9.8.29 noticed that there is no audio on podcast apps. Not sure when it was broken, but in previous release it worked for sure. I reflashed/wiped, updated to latest AA 4.6.5933, updated Google Play Services, all possible permissions set. There is no clone apps/second...
  10. Daenjel

    [Android Q] List of audio mods and how to make them fully work together!

    As the title says, I managed to get all of my 3 favorite audio mods working together, so I wanted to share how to accomplish this. Standard Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your device, YOU are choosing to make these modifications. First of all, you need Magisk...
  11. S

    New Low volume via Bluetooth

    Hi guys. Today I've flashed the latest version of the MIUI eu on my Redmi Note 7 because I wanted more optimization and everything went well. But when I opened Spotify and listened to some music with my bluetooth headphones I noticed that the maximum volume isn't the same as my pc's one. I had...
  12. T

    CTIA or OMTP Standard?

    Hello! I am using a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. Since I would like to buy a Lavalier Microphone, I need to know which kind of TRRS Standard is used on Xiaomi Phones: CTIA or OMTP? Also I need to know whether the Xiaomi TRRS Socket provides Power to the Mic? Thanks for your help!
  13. C

    Hi-res Support For Mi5s

    Hi, friends! Can you add in your roms for mi5s in the file build.prop a line: ro.lenovo.hifi_support=true ? This line provides the ability to include support for high-res audio 24bit 192khz. Without root we can't add that line, and you, as a developer this will not be difficult.
  14. M

    Are You Satisified With The Mi 5s's Audio Quality?

    I'm personally not satisified listening music with this phone as much as listening with my PC, which has only onboard sound chip but it gives the power of my Hybrid Pro HD. But I think Mi 5S has something like loudness equalization and more different bad effects. There is some songs that you can...
  15. seb25

    Mimix Audio Quality

    Hey guys! I have the MiMix since a week now. Beside the weak vibration, I'm overall quite satisfied with the phone and the software. But there is one think which really bothers me: The audio quality. I have Sennheiser IE80 earphones (250$) and on my old Samsung Galaxy S4 (':D) they sounded so...
  16. I

    New Bluetooth Sound Problems 6.12.1

    Massive bluetooth audio problems on 6.12.1 --> clicking noise during playback No problems with 6.11.10 MI5s 32GB now back on 6.11.10
  17. Franz Ferdinand II.

    No Audio Notifications ;(

    Hello, sporadicaly I get the phone mute, ie. no sound on incoming calls, SMS, emails, alarms etc. Only channel that is sound is system sounds (clicks, keyboard etc....) I wanna know if someone other is experiencing the same problem? Maybe software conflict with a 3rd party app, can't...
  18. K

    New Audio Recording Issues On Latest Weekly Roms For Mi5

    In the last weekly ROMs for Mi5 (especially from the 6.9.15) , when I record a video from the default app, its audio is very bad. It's not a stereo audio, how normally it should be and you expect to be, but the second microphone works as it usually does on a call phone for noise cancellation...
  19. V

    Audio Recorder Mi5 Is Bad

    The audio recording MI5 in the video and voice notes, is very bad, no low frequencies, in 200Hz down does not record anything. You can fix this by updates? or the microphone is bad?
  20. A

    Audio Quality Mi 5 Vs Mi Note Pro

    Hi Guys , Does anybody know if the in built DAC(Qualcomm WCD9335) from the Mi 5 is good in comparaison with the ESS ES9018K2M from Mi note pro ? I imagine that there are obviously a difference but it's a huge one or not ? From what i have see review seems to say that the sound is clear and...