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    Will Xiaomi RNote5 users continue to receive stable updates?

    Xiaomi redmi note 5 users will no longer receive beta updates in the near future, this means that we will no longer receive updates from the stable version of miui?
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    Are new animations available on Beta 20.3.26?

    I have a Redmi K20 Pro device, which has Miui 11 20.3.26 installed, and I would like to know if the new animations and the iOS style gestures bar at the bottom of the screen are available in this ROM version.
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    There will be no more beta for the Xiaomi redmi note 5?

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 users will no longer receive more beta from June 19?
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    I have a problem with the lock screen, Help

    LOCK DISPLAY PROBLEM Since I installed the latest beta version on my Xiaomi redmi note 5, when you put a white wallpaper, a black layer is added so that the time is visible but I want to discard this function. How is this function disabled?
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    Still can't connect to camera MIUI beta ROMs

    Hello, I installed MIUI 11 beta rom on Xiaomi mi 6x and the camera doesn't work. When I open it appears this message: I have this problem with miui 10 beta roms too, but with stable versions camera works so fine. I use hex kernek v288 for all roms. I tried changing with Build Props and...
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    no more xiaomi mi 9t/ redmi k20 betas?

    the previous beta of the xiaomi mi 9t was late and version 9.8.22 did not even come out for this device. Could it be that we have already forgotten the users of this device or are we preparing for the arrival of Android 10 or Miui 11? does anyone know the answer?
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    New [9.8.1 | Beta]Front speaker bug

    Hello, I am using the Miui beta 9.8.1 in Redmi Note 7 (Lavander) and I noticed problem with the audio of the front speaker, whether in call when I put in the ear or listening to some audio via WhatsApp it gets extremely low.
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    Bug- miui 10 for mi 8

    My phone also suffered from unstable wave conditions, sometimes losing waves, making calls sometimes had to 2 times my call receiver heard me say. I tried both rom beta and stable miui, thank mod
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    New Bluetooth cannot find devices on redmi s2

    Bluetooth cannot find devices on redmi s2 on Xiaomi Eu 8.11 22 Thanks
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    Solved - Stuck At Recovery While Flashing Rom: "package_extract_file Took 00s."

    I was using the latest MIUI 9.1 - 7.12.14 Beta ROM. I decided to flash the latest MIUI 9.1 Stable ROM without wiping any data ant it stucked at this screen over 30 minutes: So aperrantly it got stucked probably that I didn't wipe any data before flashing the ROM because I didn't want to lose...