1. S

    Mi 11 Lite Bricked with no access to fastboot

    Hello everyone, I bought myself Mi 11 Lite when I was in China, obviously, it had Chinese ROM. When I attempted to install/flash global ROM on my device, something went wrong ( I assume my cable just got disconnected in the middle of flashing) my fastboot screen got replaced with a black screen...
  2. M

    Mi 11 pro brick when flashing to rom

    Hello, I heard many people bricked their phone when trying to flash from CN to rom ( blocked in fastboot mode ), i bought one and it's on the way, is the issue specific to mi 11 pro or to rom ? has the problem been identified ? Thanks.
  3. K

    Redmi Note 9s Bricked and Bootloader Lock

    Hello, I have a device Redmi Note 9s (curtana). It's bricked and stuck in Redmi logo. I can open fastboot mod but the bootloader is lock. I didn't activate my Mi Account in device so I can't unlock bootloader. How can I onluck bootloader or is there any way to flash room without unlock?
  4. D

    Pocophone f1 not recognized on pc

    Hello, I put a rom in my phone and later I wanted to change it because I did not like it and my phone did not want to turn on, my computer does not recognize it .. I tried the basics to try to repair it but it did not work .. any help? I think the problem is because the pc does not recognize...
  5. S

    Bricked Mi 8 EDL flashing problem

    Hello, I have a bricked Mi 8 (Chinese version, locked bootloader, broken recovery & fastboot). However, this isn't a problem, as I can go to EDL mode without any problems. The problem is this message from Mi flash : "Sorry, couldn't flash device before turning off Find My Device". Of course...
  6. A


    Hi everyone ! I make a huge mistake on my phone, and i can't fix it alone, so i seek someone with xiaomi account authorized who can EDL FLASH to repair my persist.img So if someone in this place can help me ! Thanks in advance team !
  7. A

    Phone bricked? Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro (LMI) in TWRP Bootloop -- Failed to mount '/system_root' --

    I dont know where to post this since I've been trying to solve the problem all night, searching all over the Internet; (so i created a copy of the post to place it onmy device subforum aswll) I'm going to explain the situation as simply as I can. In my device, the K30 Pro, after buying it and...
  8. L

    Hard bricked MI 8 SE. Does someone (trustworthy) have a Xiaomi Authorized Account?

    I had Xiaomi.EU MIUI 12 installed for around 2 weeks, and my phone was working perfectly. I was watching a YouTube video and, all of a sudden, it froze, turned off and never turned on again. It was completely dead, no signal when I used the charger, when I connected it to the PC nor when I tried...
  9. B

    Redmi 6 brick

    I have flashed firmware with TWRP recovery and now I have got brick with periodic vibration. I try to disconnect battery, but nothing. What can I do?
  10. 3

    MI 8 - Not powering up

    Hello everyone, I've an issue with my MI8 with Xiaomi.EU rom. I was browing Youtube, sudendly the screen completly froze for 15 secondes. I forced the reboot by holding the power button a long time; the screen shutdowned. Since this moment, i was not able to powering up the smartphone. I...
  11. D


  12. D

    My Redmi 6A brick

    Dear moderators, as well as the community MI I saw a solution to the problem through the program SP_Flash_Tool But in order for me to be given permission to flash the device, I need a service account for authorization. I ask for help from you so that they will authorize me for further device...
  13. M

    Xiaomi redmi 5a stuck in mi logo

    Hi guys,i Have a redmi note 5a that stays in mi logo forever.I have tried to flash rom with edl mode but nothing.I Have Also tried to wipe data.What can i do?Thanks in advance
  14. S

    Xiaomi device got blank screen after flash a rom, need help :'(

    I am trying to flash android Q beta into K20 pro today and as a result it got blank now. I bought this device which come with global rom as seller claim and every time it's reboot, there is a word that said, it's unlocked. Today, I found this website...
  15. mertcanekiz

    Stuck at logo/Bootloop with locked bootloader

    My Redmi Note 6 Pro Global version just rebooted itself out of nowhere and now its showing MI logo and rebooting every 3-5 seconds. I didn't unlock bootloader and had MIUI 10 latest stable version installed. I can still enter fastboot mode. What can I do to fix this?
  16. E

    Loading into Stock Recovery even after Flashing TWRP in mi 8 pro

    I followed all the steps of how to install the rom, and I have even done the same in 2 previous devices, but in this the twrp is not maintained and when installing the rom the phone is bricked.
  17. D

    Don't turn on

    My mi5 is fine, when suddenly the touchescreen stops recognizing any touch. Just restarting the mobile phone is back to normal. This starts to happen several times a day until it shuts off and doesn't re-start anyway, or with a charger. I have to open it, disconnect the battery and it doesn't...
  18. N

    8.8.9 (MIUI10) on locked bootloader Stable Global (MIUI 9.5.13)

    So I have flashed my Mi8 with a global rom (9.5.13) and accidentally locked it. Obviously the global will not boot up with locked bootloader. I need a china rom thats more recent than the global 9.5.13 Is there one? When will there be one? Is it possible to flash the Official Miui 10 Dev/Beta...
  19. N

    Bricked MI-Recovery 3.0

    Hey guys, so I bricked my brand new Mi8 It is stuck in the Mi-Recovery 3.0 menu Wipe Data won't do anything (reboots in same menu) Reboot just gets into the menu It says at the bottim The MIUI version cant be installed on this device Bootloader was unlocked when I flashed it but is now locked...
  20. T

    New Xiaomi Mi A1 - Brick

    Hi, I was using my Xiamoi Mi A1 as usual, and suddenly everything became laggy and the phone finally shut down. The problem is that it may have rebooted in a special mode as far as the LED blinks when I plug the battery charger. Moreover when I connect the phone to my PC it reads: "qualcomm...