1. A

    Hard Brick Mi5s

    Hello guys! Yesterday i decided to flash an older Global ROM since the new one had Wifi Problems for me. After i successfully flashed it, and tried to reboot it, it did not respond to any actions. The Screen is black, doesn't show a MI logo neither does it show a charging LED anymore. I cant...
  2. Risuno

    Bricked Phone. Tried A Lot Of Stuff But Couldn't Fix It. Help Please :(

    Ok, I could imagine this is a tough one: I had problems with my GPS, so I wanted to get root access. Contacted Xiaomi to unlock my phone: worked fine. Next up to get it rooted, I installed a fresh version of the TWRP recovery, since the old one for some reason disappeared after I installed the...
  3. P

    Xiaomi Mi4c Right Blinking Light Issue - Possible Brick

    Hi everyone, I've been attempting to bring my Xiaomi Mi4C back to life after I drained the battery to 0% yesterday - I've left my phone charging for over 12 hours as I saw on certain threads but while doing so, no battery status light would light up, regardless of what charger I used, so I just...
  4. M

    My Poor Note 4g Is Bricked. Need Advice.

    This phone was running fine on Cyanogenmod 12. After a while, the battery started draining very fast (less than an hour from fully charged to 15%), and also the phone started shutting down randomly. So I decided to roll the ROM back to MIUI 8. Something happened during the process, and I can...
  5. F

    Mi4 Maybe Bricked

    Hello I have a Mi4 LTE 16GB with the ROM 6.12.8 the last one so, today the phone rebooted few times and after is dead, what happens? I tried to plug but the PC don't recognize, so I can't use MiPcsuite, no fastboot nothing. What can i do? Thanks
  6. Alexdiamond33

    [ Tutorial ] How To Easy Unbrick / Flash Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

    Thanks To xiaomi.en for this thread :D Greeting MIUI Lovers and Redmi Note 4 (MTK) Users, This guide can be used on LOCKED and unlocked Bootloaders! Steps for Flashing/Unbrick Redmi Note 4 (MTK): Please be noted I will not take any responsibility for anything happened to your device...
  7. rocky1987

    Mi 5 "current Account Is Different From The Account Info On The Device"

    Dear Members, I bought a Xiaomi Mi 5, and immediately I wanted to install developer global rom , but I bricked my device. I can not turn on my phone, just the fastboot works on it. I tried reset rom with lock bootloader, but nothing works. I received approval to unlock. When I want to unlock my...
  8. M

    Redmi 3s 3/32gb Completely Bricked. No Edl, No Fastboot, No Logo, No Led - Solved

    1. I have bought brand new Redmi 3s 3/32GB english/china language version and I've asked Xiaomi for permission to unlock bootloader. After three days I've got the permission and I've unlocked the bootloader. 2. After that I have attempted to flash global stable rom using fastboot rom, EDL mode...
  9. R

    Stuck In A Bootloop

    When I bought the note 3 the vol down button was broken. Not thinking this was a big deal, I continued to try and flash the Chinese dev rom. I did something wrong and my phone is now bricked. when you try to start it, the phone shows Mi for a few seconds then restarts to try again. Then it shuts...