1. F

    DC Dimming

    Hello, I want to buy a Poco X4 Pro 5G, but I read that PWM causes flickering on OLED screens below 60% brightness. My eyes are quite sensitive so my average brightness is usually around 20%. There is a simple solution to this problem called DC Dimming, but unfortunately it is software trimmed...
  2. E

    Strange issue on mi max 3

    So i bought mi max 3 flashed 12.1 like guide says then got magisc and use for couple of months and everything was amazing, then decided to change battery got one from dragontt it arrived i dissasembly phone broke old battery by accident inserted new one and it was defective, then i ordered new...
  3. Wenawena

    [REQUEST] DC Dimming

    Can DC Dimming (Anti-Flicker) be added to Mi9T/K20 via update? While in low brightness black app interfaces leave blueish trails when they move and it's very annoying... Is there any hardware reason for which the pro version has it and the standard doesn't?
  4. Ulti00

    Mi Note (virgo) Marshmallow Bugs?

    Hi, I finally decided to update to Marshmallow after a few months of it being released. (6.3.10) I've been experiencing some bugs and just wondered if anyone knows any fixes for these: 1. 3G/H+/4G sometimes dies. Rebooting solves the issue but that is a pain. I tried putting into Airplanes...
  5. L

    Virgo-rotation And Autobrightness Not Working After Few Hours.

    Hello. I dont no, its global issue or only rom issue. I have Xiaomi mi note (virgo). I reports this bug on site and nothing answers. Maybe is only issue. If I wake up my phone from few hours sleep, rotation not work. The same situation is on autobrightness. This...