Mi Note (virgo) Marshmallow Bugs?

Did you update to Marshmallow on Note. Do you have issues?

  • No, I am happy to stay on 4.4 KitKat.

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Feb 27, 2016

I finally decided to update to Marshmallow after a few months of it being released. (6.3.10)

I've been experiencing some bugs and just wondered if anyone knows any fixes for these:

1. 3G/H+/4G sometimes dies.
Rebooting solves the issue but that is a pain. I tried putting into Airplanes mode, preferred network type LTE, turning mobile data on and off. The only way to fix it seems to be rebooting. Most annoying issue.

2. Auto rotate stops working sometimes.
Randomly stops working. Again rebooting seems to solve the issue. I tried using the quick toggle to turn on/off auto rotate and also did the same in Settings > Screen and Photo > Settings.

3. Auto brightness is eratic. Sometimes it suddenly switches to really bright, even if I'm in a pitch black room like when I'm in bed already. Sometimes dragging the brightness slider in quick toggles or turning off and on the screen fixes it but still annoying.

I honestly don't use my phone that much compared to say a hardcore user but I expect a "low end flagship" (thats kind of a contradiction) to at least handle the above without issue.

Thanks for reading.