Virgo-rotation And Autobrightness Not Working After Few Hours.


Jun 5, 2014
I dont no, its global issue or only rom issue.
I have Xiaomi mi note (virgo).
I reports this bug on site and nothing answers.
Maybe is only issue.

If I wake up my phone from few hours sleep, rotation not work. The same situation is on autobrightness. This function have very delays.

If I turn off the light in my room, autobrightness set to low on very very delay.

I have this problem on all marshmallow roms (from 6.1.x to last version 6.3.3).
I tried full wipe, fastboot install roms. This not resolve problem.

Problem is only on miui.
In others apps (like sensor test, games etc.) it is working normally, imediatelly on wake up.

Please help.

Best Regards.
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DUCU 2000

Oct 18, 2011
Same problem only with autobrightness auto rotation now on 6.3.3 is working fine.
After update from 6.2.4 I made only dalvik and cache wipe.