1. I

    New [Weekly] Mario kart game freezes & crash

    In last weekly roms, mario kart game freezes & crash each time. I have seen this problem is not just a bug in Mi 9. I have check that other users have same problem in other models like Mi 8 or redmi note 8. Hope to get this solved soon. Thanks.
  2. D

    New Terrible experience using MIUI eu with Mi 10 Pro

    I have clean flashed my Chinese version Mi 10 Pro. Three major problems: 1. Can't enable ok google "this language is not supported" while all my languages are English US. 2. Major volume bug: going above 50% will freeze the volume bar and stop the sound(music app is still playing) until it...
  3. D

    New [ΧΙΑΟΜΙ ΜΙ 9 phone] Camera turns on during calls and during gps navigation(google maps)

    Hello. I have this problem a lot of months and nothing is being fixed. While i am on a call , camera turns on for absolutely no reason. Also while i am in navigation using google maps , camera turns on all the time . Is there a fix or something?
  4. T

    Facebook messenger problem

    Hi there. Is there anyone who can help with MI 9 T Facebook messenger problem? The app (every single version available in Google play store) keep crashing every single minute, sometimes even more often than that, no matter what I am using my phone for. I've tried everything, but nothing helped.
  5. K

    New Help me please, important :(

    Hi! I have a problem with my redmi note 6 pro: there is a "fastboot" icon on the screen, and i cant turn on my phone... i tried to connect it to my computer and go to MiPCsuite, but here comes another problem: my phone doesn't recognize the charger; the led doesn't turns on and my computer...
  6. T

    New Mi 9t pro Pro photo feature bug

    Hi, I've recently purchased a used Mi 9t pro on Craigslist, I checked the IMEI on the Xiaomi website and apparently it is an official one. So it's weird that I have this bug when I try to use the Pro feature in the photo app the app just shuts down, has anyone experienced this? Thanks in advance
  7. T

    New Audio problem during calls

    The audio is super low when the phone is touching my ear, I'm using a Redmi Note 7 in the latest beta version 20.1.19 v3
  8. extpumajl

    New Mi9 | 20.1.4 | DND Bug

    I have noticed this issue a long time ago, just after release of the first MIUI 11 beta for Mi 9. Scheduled dnd turns off when you delete any app or delete app cache. Here is the video:
  9. ekonstadoudakis

    Invalid Unlock with bluetooth device in Mi 8, ROM 9.12.19, not working

    With the latest rom 9.12.19, unlock with bluetooth device is not working in mi 8. I cannot delete already paired devices not can add new one, as it sees them, starts searching but they don't communicate to pair.
  10. E

    New Mi 9 AOD bugs

    I installed latest eu beta romn on my mi 9 , everything going smoothly so far except that I have bugs with AOD , first it doesn't stick even I turned on always show items option , the AOD flashes bright for a moment then gets turned off completely , second it's always in the same place and...
  11. M

    Invalid Summoners war

    Hello, i'm on Android 10 with my k20 pro. Summoners war is not smooth. Can you help me? I think it's cause of sound effect.
  12. I

    Invalid Android Wear connection problem

    I just installed the rom on my Mi Note 10 and I am very happy so far. Unfortunately since the installation I cannot get my Fossil Gen5 Android Wear watch to pair. The Wear OS app sees the watch and initializes the pairing, but when i tap on "pair" at the bluetooth code confiomation nothing...
  13. tarakbumba

    Invalid [MiNote3][9.12.5 Beta]Android Patch Level Reverts Back

    I don't know why this is happening but after rooting via Magisk 20.1 Android security pacth level decreases to August. This is a serious issue for me.
  14. JoesefJoestar

    New [Mi 9 Lite] [MIUI 11] No notification badges on app icons

    Hi, After updating from MIUI10 to MIUI 11, the notification badges are no more displayed for Whatsapp, Twitter, Gmail, Telegram... Although badges are ON and apps to display badges are enabled. Is there something I am missing or is this a known bug? Thanks
  15. M

    New Security keep crashing

    Just flashed the last stable on mi 8 dipper, but when I try to set any security unlock it crash and I get this I don't have magisk installed java.lang.RuntimeException: An error occurred while executing doInBackground() at android.os.AsyncTask$3.done(Unknown Source:27) at...
  16. T


    Hello, I have been reporting the sensor bug for a long time, since in the Xiaomi .eu ROM there are no drivers of multiple essential sensors for day-to-day use of the phone. here attached an image
  17. jgarciadcruz

    New File explorer crash on opening - MIUI11 Stable - Xiaomi Mi5 (gemini)

    As the title says, I've installed MIUI11 Stable (xiaomi.eu_multi_MI5_V11.0.2.0.OAGCNXM_v11-8.0) today on my Mi5 terminal. Everything seems to work just fine except for the file explorer, which opens, shows a white screen for a second, then closes instantly. Here's a little video recording...
  18. F

    New Problem with update

    Hello everyone, I downloaded the miui 11 update from the xiaomi website but I haven't realized that this phone have a eu rom. Now it won't boot. Can I just install the miui 11 from here with the recovery?
  19. T

    New Google Play Store - Failed to install module / feature

    Hi all, I've a problem and I can't find a similar problem on this forum. First I had the stock rom of Xiaomi installed and the problem does not exist. Now I have the Xiaomi.eu stable ROM a while and the problem does exist in multiple versions / updates. I've the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro. Let's try to...
  20. T

    New Google AR Services

    Google AR services, work on Redmi Note 7 HMNote7_V11.0.3.0 ?? In the previous version it does not work