1. iameffat

    New Faced some bugs/issues on Redmi Note 12 4G (Tapas)

    Hello Awesome Xiaomi Dev Community. I am facing some serious issues after installing the EU Rom. My Device: Redmi Note 12 4G (Tapas) Problems I faced in EU ROM: 1. In Wallpaper Section "Super Wallpaper", When I apply these wallpaper and try to turn off my screen to see the AOD, Then...
  2. boredcultleader

    Hi guys... I need some advices about a problem i've been dealing with.

    So, I've just had my xiaomi redmi 9t for 2 years and recently it started to show some problems, like running out of battery and not wanting to turn on anymore... Until then I managed to get rid of this problem, but a new one appeared: the phone detects my sim card but I don't get any signal from...
  3. V

    New Lock screen notifications

    Hello Im on the POCO X4 PRO 5G and running xiaomi.eu rom stable. The problem is that even though i have lockscreen notifications enabled, my lockscreen doesent show notifications. The only thing i think might cause problems is the super walpaper that im using. The weird thing is that...
  4. G

    Does the usb debugging pop up appears on formatted phones? if not, how to enable on broken screen phone?

    Long story short: my xiaomi 12 started behaving in a weird way(fickering greenish screen unti the display blacked out totally, it lit upo again for couple of sec the day after but then never again) after update (one of the weekly), i tried reflashing the update and it is was not displaying any...
  5. A

    New Wifi isn't working on Mi 11 lite 5G (renoir) after upgrading to

    I just upgraded my Mi 11 lite 5G from stable previous release to stable and I cant turn on wifi it just doesn't work
  6. K

    New "Find device" and Mi messages dont work

    ROM: Xiaomi.eu for sweet(Redmi note 10 pro). It's not possible to get device location, block it or erase data via Xiaomi cloud. Also Mi Messages always stays "Offline". These two things are broken since first MIUI 14. However they are confirmed to work on stock global miui.
  7. U

    New MI 10T Camera not working

    Hi, My MI10T has a problem with the camera, at first the photos were blurry with the rear cam (since February 21, 2023), the front worked normally. So I changed the rear cameras (I thought they were damaged), still the same problem so I reset the phone, and the rear and front cameras no longer...
  8. L

    New Redmi buds 4 pro audio very low

    I have used these buds for months without problems then immediately the audio became very low, I tried to pair them with different devices (phone, computer, etc.) but nothing happens
  9. T

    My play store is messed up

    Had an issue where a banking app wasn't showing up in the "installed" section of play store, therefore it wasn't checking for updates. Could be more than 1, that's just the 1 that I noticed. Cleared play store cache, force stopped, swapped accounts, re-installed the app, nothing was working. My...
  10. M

    Mi 10 factory resetted itself

    Hi, i have a problem with my xiaomi mi 10 phone. It has a latest xiaomi.eu MIUI 14.0.3 rom, it was working with no issues, but today when i wanted to use the phone, it didn't want to power on. After about 1,5 minutes the phone booted up but i saw a factory reset percentage bar. When the phone...
  11. F

    New Poco F5 (MARBLE) NFC not working

    Device: Poco F5 (global version) bought from Taiwan. UI version: MIUI by xiaomi.eu (MARBLE/fastboot/not rooted) Under Settings > Connection & sharing > NFC > Payment default If the "Payment default" option set to "Embedded secure element", then any NFC payment method won't...
  12. A

    New MIUI 14 Stable Widget bug

    Guys, I installed MIUI 14 (V. on my Redmi Note 11, however the widgets don't work as they should, they keep the download icon and never download. I can't change any of their settings either, it's like they're just an image. what can I do? Thanks!
  13. O

    Incoming calls

    Hello my dear community, I recently got Xiaomi.eu rom(Version14.0.3.0, Android 12) on my Redmi Note 9 Pro(joyeuse) device, and so far everything works flawlessly. There is one exception to it tho. When I recieve a call, I usually get a notificaiton on my notification bar, but I don't get the...
  14. I

    Black screen after update

    so my redmi note 9s just went black screen after the lastest update (04/07/2023). I tried to flash it but couldn't finish the procedure cause it's in lock state. Should i try to wipe data? Don't really know what to do. I also tried to unlock it via miunlock but i need to active it in advanced...
  15. E

    Microphone bug

    Microphone suddenly losing stereo and the quality of recording becomes worse (both video and audio recorder). Checking the channel of the recorded audio shows 2 channels (left and right) but they are the same so it's practically mono audio. Wiping the phone (factory reset) fixes the problem but...
  16. T

    New MIUI Xiaomi 12S Pro LTPO panel not lowering FPS

    I turned on the developer mode FPS setting on the Xiaomi 12S Pro on MIUI 14 Stable and left it displaying nothing but an image that I took. The fps never dropped lower than 90fps even though the screen is an LTPO panel and should at least go down to 10fps
  17. S

    New Google Play (& Other google apps except Pay and One) not working on MIUI 14.0.21 for FUXI

    Google Play store keeps crashing when I try to open it. Same with most other google apps and google widgets say "Can't load widgets". Please help. Thanks Edit: Did a clean install with data wipe, restored backup and this happened. Came from China ROM
  18. fdmx7

    Permissions Issue (particularly for Google, Google Translate)

    Recently, my Redmi Note 10 Pro, updated to MIUI 14 (xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote10Pro_V14.0.1.0.TKFMIXM_v14-13). Ever since then, I wasn't able to translate picture from my gallery because it seems like the translate app can't access it(?). In other words, its asking for permission to access the...
  19. decipher895

    64 gb on my Pad 5?

    Hello, My xiaomi pad 5 shows that i have 64 Gb only on my tablet but i bought it with 128 GB. I dont know If its just a bug or just a Mistake itself from the tablet. Can somebody help?
  20. K

    New "Unimportant notifications" option is broken after reboot

    I'm using xiaomi.eu 13.0.18 on sweet(RN 10 pro). After installing Ihere was "unimportant notifications" button in notification shade and It was working fine. However after reboot it's just gone, even if I mark notification as unimportant. I did not update any system apps. Any way to get it back...