1. N

    New [MIX 4] [21.12.29] Google Pay "Phone doesn't meet security requirements"

    The phone is not rooted and has previously been completely wiped and set-up again (~3mo). SafetyNet fully passes with a CTS profile match. Today Google Pay stopped working, giving me the error message "Phone doesn't meet security requirements". I have no idea why, here's 2 screenshots I hope...
  2. A

    New Sound problem during calls after Miui 12.5.3 installed.

    My Redmi Note 7 updated to Miui 12.5.3 on January 1st, and since the update I cannot hear anything when I call someone. They can hear me though and when they call me back I can hear them perfectly. So problem appears only on outgoing calls. Sometimes if I try and call same number again and...
  3. B

    Pad 5 Widevine L1/L3

    Good morning everyone, I bought 3 days ago a Mi Pad 5 in Italy and I used with Netflix and Prime in HD without a problem. Today, while I was using Netflix, the app chrashed with an error (516 or something, it disappeared fast) and now I can't see anymore in HD on Netflix and neither on Prime. On...
  4. B

    Phone no response timed out after 14min 55seconds on Calls MI Ultra 11

    Hey guys, Recently switched from Global rom to EU rom, however this problem was evident even when I was on Global Rom. I'm in Australia, and we have 1800/1300/13 etc numbers for businesses. Lots of bank use this for their customer service. Of course the wait times are atrocious, which I don't...
  5. A

    New Please help: No sound / video and screen recording on Mi 10. MAJOR BUG WARNING!

    Hello Xiaomi Community! Recently I encountered a major bug while using the built in screen recorder app on my Xiaomi Mi 10 phone. After using it twice (while having the system sounds option selected in the settings page of the app) my phone now no longer plays any sounds of any kinds be it...
  6. J

    New Update not working

    Hi there, so, long ago I've received a MIUI 12,5 update but I can't download. The progression gets stuck at 7% and 8% (getting back to 7%). Then the update app stops working and resets the download. I just can't download the update. Any fix? Also my mi fit app have a bug, when I install my mi...
  7. M

    New I cant open Instagram, Tiktok, Gmail, etc.

    Yesterday, i installed a Xiaomi.eu ROM, its all Ok but there are some apps that doesnt work. This apps are Instagram, TikTok, Gmail, and some more. I cant even open apps settings and i dont know the reason. These apps just dont open. I tried to reinstall this apps and restart the phone but it...
  8. J


    The usb transfer don´t working via pc with big archives the connection is failling, then miui notifies the wrong with data transfer
  9. R

    New Redmi Note 8 (2019) visual bug on application opening. (MIUI 12.6 Weekly)

    There is a new bug on the latest MIUI 12 Weekly ROM (21.9.22) on the Redmi Note 8(ginkgo). It is a visual issue where, when you open an app, there will be a quick frame right before it opens where it shows the icon of the app stretched and weirdly cropped. Image attached.
  10. A

    New Fingerprint not working with Xiaomi.eu rom

    I have installed on my xiaomi mi 9se to the latest sable version (V12.5.1.0.RFBCNXM). Before there was the cinese rom (MIUI 10 on it). First I tried the fingerprint scanner with the chinese rom (miu 10) everything worked fine and smooth! But with the xiaomi.eu rom the fingers aren't even scanned...
  11. socliche

    New Delayed notifications on specific apps

    Hey all, I currently have miui.eu installed on several devices, venus, davinci, raphael and apollo. I have noticed that apps, especially Twitter and a bunch of other Social Media or News apps, e.g non messaging apps, have severly delayed notifications, the delay ranges from instant, to 8 hours...
  12. T

    New Home Gesture do work Redmi 8 Miui 12.5

    The Home gesture doesnt work properly, sometime it work with 2 fingers at the corners Im using the stock launcher
  13. Z

    New Redmi Note 9 Pro ( Joyeuse ) scanner application not working

    Hello, i have a problem on xiaomi.eu. i tried to open scanner app but it is no working. MIUI Redmi Note 9 Pro ( JOYEUSE ) Please help me...
  14. R

    Bluetooth cracking noise on right channel - works fine if I turn off/on BT once or twice.

    This has been a long standing issue, also I've been a long time xiaomi.eu rom user... But I don't think it's related to the ROM. Basically, as title describes, when I connect Bluetooth speakers (tried several different setups) there's usually a cracking noise on the right channel. The solution...
  15. H

    New Camera crashes on latest stable hmnote7 eu

    Please the issue of camera app crashing still remain in the latest stable update of hmnote7 stable . the camera app hangs...even when used with other apps like what'sapp or any app with camera access.. also, please admin can you help patch the camera file from previous stable build to fix this...
  16. N

    New Mi10TPro EU Rom Don't play notification sounds

    I have another problem on Mi10TPro with EU Stable Rom that Application GMAIL isn't play notification sounds since I have just set up about notification already. PS. I have many accounts but setting for all accounts.
  17. K

    Invalid Mi8[] Call log bug

    This build does not display contact photos near the phone number in the dialer itself
  18. V

    New [21.6.9][Mi 9T Pro] Second SIM Card state can not be changed after a some period

    For a while after the device reboot second SIM card can be switched on or off. But a some time after (maybe a hours or a day) is state not changed even when the switcher state changes. If you exit from menu and go back to it - the switcher will be in previous state again.
  19. G

    New Mi10T not connecting as multimedia to car system

    Hi everyone, I have problem with my Mi10T connectig with my Suzuki Swift car as multimedia bluetooth, until the latest version of Android 10 i had no problems. When i connect on the slda trough bluetooth the phone is seen, but i can't play music or media, i can only do phonecalls, and this...
  20. A

    Resolved «Snooze» force to restart system UI on 21.6.2-9 on pyxis

    Function «snooze», in (for) notifications, force to reload system UI and doesn't seem to work at all. It started from Xiaomi.eu 21.6.2, the bug still appears on 21.6.9. Device: Mi 9 Lite (pyxis). Screen recorder: https://gofile.io/d/ogA0pO