1. K

    the sensors stop completely working on my redmi note 8

    so basically when i turn on my phone it works fine, but after like 15 minutes it just completely stops working and i have to reboot my redmi note 8 to get them workong again, meaning i can't play racing games, rotate my phone for anything, including compass, either i have to reboot or wait 30...
  2. helloworldapk

    Invalid Google App's new Logo

    I realized Xiaomi.EU's ROM does not have the latest Google App's logo, I was wondering when this bug can fix, so when we update the Google apps, we also get the newest app logo from all Google apps. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, here is what the app logo should look like...
  3. luisfialho

    New Mi9 SE rebooting after MIUI 12 update ver. 20.9.24

    Hi guys, since I updated to MIUI 20.9.24, my Mi9 SE casually reboot´s it self, or shuts down, for no aparent reason, any suggestions? Best Regards, keep goin mates!!
  4. R

    New [Miui12] Phone Force Restarts when closing the chathead of messenger

    As the title says... My phone freezes for about 1~2 mins after closing(dragging down) the chathead of the messenger and it force reboots... I have been encountering this issue for almost 3 months and I'm on the latest version of miui 12 EU, but the issue still persists. It is very concerning...
  5. D

    New [weekly][20.3.6][Mi 6] Crash when using Wallpapers app

    In Wallpaper app, when I open any set of wallpaper it crashes
  6. O

    New GPS turns on automatically [MI9]

    When i turn on battery saver mode, gps turns on automatically. I turn off and after a few minutes its turn on back. [Xiaomi.Eu ROM 20.8.20 - Xiaomi Mi 9]
  7. erny99

    New InCallUi not working

    when i try to make a call, the phone crashes giving InCallUi error. why?
  8. K

    Invalid Homescreen icons bugged

    So, last night my Redmi 7a updated to android 10. After the update, I noticed that the icons were malfunctioning. I thought maybe the themes were outdated, but no themes are actually working. And the icons look so off, as if they're solid JPGs instead of PNGs with transparent backgrounds. The...
  9. J

    New Proximity sensor, light sensor, gyro don't work 20.7.9 mi 9t pro

    Hi! The proximity sensor, light sensor, gyro, I mean the auto brightness, auto rotate and the screen to turn off when I'm in a phone call don' t work since i installed miui 12. I'm up to date on the latest version, but when I try to test them, they aren't shown as installed. I haven' t took the...
  10. S

    New System UI Crashes on MIUI 12

    Hi All, My Mi Note 10 tucana is running 20.7.2 and I seem to be running in to some System UI issues. Whenever I'm using Snapchat, Multitasking or even just using the phone System UI will randomly crash, the screen will go black for about 3 seconds and then return to the lock screen. It mostly...
  11. Business_Kokuna

    New Random reboots or shutdowns since update to MIUI 12: Mi Mix 2 (chiron)

    Since the update from MIUI 11 to MIUI 12 I face the problem that my device randomly shuts down or reboots. I had the latest TWRP from playstore. I installed the latest specific TWRP for my device (https://dl.twrp.me/chiron/) and tried to flash again. Didn't work. Of course I always did the clean...
  12. C

    Bug look screen redmi 8a

    Excuse me friends I have a problem, when I put a pin for the screen lock, when I try to unlock the device I get that the pin is wrong and I have to delete the device again. in the latest update on redmi 8a
  13. Mudrefaker

    20.6.4 Google Play Services Permissions [BUG]

    Hi there, I just want to publish this so it will be visible. Yesterday I flashed the 20.6.4 weekly MIUI12 rom through TWRP on davinci (Mi 9T), everything works very nicely except for Google Play Services. It keeps asking me to grant Google Play Services access to "Phone" and "Contact"...
  14. E

    New Redmi Note 5 Pro Whyred - problem with notifications MIUI 12 20.5.14

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with notifications since the last MIUI 12 update. I was hoping that this new update will fix the error, however I don't see that they have fixed notification issues. The same thing happens to someone else? The notification appears, but the text is not visible...
  15. D

    Invalid [Problem] AnimationConnection Mi Air 2 Not Working Miui12

    Hello, I have a problem connecting to headphones Mi Air 2 And the pop-up animation doesn't appear to use Let me connect. How do I fix it?
  16. D

    New Not be able to move slide

    I have a bug where my Xiaomi redmi note +5 is not sliding and i am not be able to press any of my apps and it keeps showing bug reports. Can you fix the problem.
  17. MarkosAntunys

    New Mi 8 stopped the vibration in the system. no recovery works.

    EI'm using version 12 of miui and in 2 the same problems happened. The device stops vibrating but in recovery it works.
  18. E

    New SYSTEMUI restarts when opening notification center

    this happens with CATALAN maybe with other languages, but idk proof of xiaomi.eu bug: device: Redmi Note 5 Pro (whyred) rom: xiaomi.eu MIUI 12 beta 20.4.30
  19. V

    New The volume control slide does not appear when the Redmi Note 7 is transmitting to SmartTv.

    The volume control slide does not appear when the Redmi Note 7 is transmitting to SmartTv. When connecting the smartphone to the TV via YouTube, the media volume, alarm and notification slide does not appear when the volume buttons are pressed.