1. R

    New Screen doesn't always wake up on Mi 8

    When unlocking the phone with the fingerprint sensor, the screen does not always wake up.
  2. C

    Mi 9 SE - Ambient display (Amoled) seems buggy (or features missing?)

    I noticed the following things when using Ambient Display: 1) I selected the design with just a simple clock display in the center of the screen. I noticed that after a few minutes (~5 min or so) the clock moves to the top of the screen. Annoying yes, but not deal-breaking, just weird. (As I'm...
  3. M

    New Can't turn off reading mode on Mi 9

    It's been a week since I installed MIUI.EU (9.5.23) on my newly acquired Mi 9, and I'm loving very much, even my battery life is lasting longer! But there is something that have been bothering me: I can't turn off the reading mode. I mean, it actually is off on the settings, but it's not de...
  4. E

    New Low brightness on MIUI 10, Mi A2/6X

    Hello Guys, I converted my xiaomi Mi A2 in 6x and now i'm using MIUI 10.3.3, all working fine but the brightness is too low. Don't make diference when i changed manually (no auto bright) and i know its a bug cause when i open certain apps (like galery, youtube) the brightness suddenly go to...
  5. S

    Invalid "Find Device Closed Unexpectedly" BOOTLOOP

    ever since i changed to xiaomi.eu, i got this "bootloop" like 5-7 times a day. when youre playing games, watch youtube, it can reboot anywhen. after the device booted again, it says "Find device closed unexpectedly". are there any way to fix this? Using Mi MIX 2
  6. I

    New WIFI ISSUE ON 9.5.25 when clean flashed on POCO

    I was on AOSP( AOSP Extnded ROM) latest with vendor 9.4.25. I clean flashed MIUI BETA EU 9.4.25 (wiped dalvik, data, system, internal and cache). Then after setup and everything, i faced this issue where when i turn off wifi and then turn it back on, it doesnt turn on at all and sometimes...
  7. tarakbumba

    Unable to set privacy protection password

    After long time beta testing I quit from miui beta global tester team today. Decided to install latest EU stable rom, I set up everything but unable to successfully set privacy protection password. It just won't let me tap "Next" after patter verification step. Anyone faced this issue...
  8. lucadelc

    New Cannot use Google Pay

    Hi all, I cannot use Google Pay with the xiaomi.eu, obviusly the safetynet pass and I used magisk hide. With the stock global (and root) worked. My device: Mi Mix 2s (polaris) Xiaomi.eu version: 9.4.12 beta
  9. lucadelc

    Invalid Problem with initial setup

    I had a problem with the initial setup, after flashing. I flashed the rom and when i tryed to click on "finish for now" it says "the application stopped working" and this in loop (I fixed turning the phone into airplane mode) My device: Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s (polaris) (I fixed the problem, this is...
  10. C

    Invalid Data connection problem on Mi 8 SE 9.3.28

    I'm using Lycamobile SIM in Netherlands. Recently I've upgraded to MIUI 10.3 by Xiaomi.eu 9.3.28 on my Mi 8 SE. After that my data connection isn't working at all. I've tried different methods like changing APN or create new one. It doesn't work at all. If anyone can help to resolve this issue...
  11. D

    New Redmi Note 7 Global Version Sound bug

    Hello Xiaomi....I just buy a Redmi Note 7 Global version with MIUI V10.2.3.0.PFGEUXM When i record a video with stock camera app in club or on concert sound is terrible...There is many crackling sound and distorted sound.This is very bad.That bug is still here even with new devices...I have same...
  12. the4anoni

    New [9.4.12] Mi Music shows ads in notifications.

    Hello Like in topic. Picture in attachment is from notifications log,because I deleted that notification.
  13. the4anoni

    Invalid [9.3.28 and never] [WHYRED] [Redmi Note 5 (Pro)] Boot screen (splash.img) stretched

    Hello Like in topic. Boot screen is stretched vertically. I am talking about screen where is that Unlocked icon.
  14. Dorisnov

    Widevine L1 / Netflix 15001 error

    Good morning! Tomorrow I will unlock my Mi 9 bootloader and I was thinking about flash Xiaomi.eu like in my older Xiaomi devices. Knowing Xiaomi.eu is based in Chinese releases I assume it has Widevine L3, like chinese rom. Is this right? What Widevine level does Xiaomi.eu have? If it has L3...
  15. the4anoni

    Resolved China rom leftover in xiaomi.eu

    Hi When i click on "Darmowy transfer" Mi browser is opening with offer to buy xiaomi sim card. Please remove this Device: redmi note 5 pro Rom:
  16. maksz

    Invalid About phone settings small bug

    Hi, the grid with a specification in about phone settings randomly disappears on my Mi Max 3.
  17. A

    New Rhodium theme ducks media volume

    Hello . I really like the rhodium theme in this rom.. and the unlock animation is cool.. but when playing music in any music player and then unlock the screen the volume ducks for a moment.. maybe because the desktop animation is a video wallpaper.. Using poco f1 with 9.12.24 Please fix that, thanks
  18. K

    Resolved Library Error

    Hello guys, my Mi 8 SE (10.2 stable) is amazing! But in my case have only one problem, is about one library error (according to the attached image) that sometimes appears when I open apps or using navegators (Chrome or Firefox). Can someone help me? Thanks in advance!
  19. Kugumin

    Resolved [RN5, 9.1.10 (Reuploaded)] Sound playback problem

    So, there's some problems with media playback on this version. It was fine on 9.1.3, but somehow for now, an unknown process for me crashing how I can see in logcat. Ok, the problem is the freezes of media playback... Like I started watching local (in phone memory) video and first 3 seconds are...
  20. J

    Invalid Bug in app of Update

    The application "Update" (pl.zdunex25.updater) have one bug, the button of download not work after detected updates available