1. T

    New Can't turn on location

    After 13.0.6 on my Mi 10T Pro, when I turn on location, the phone reboots itself. So I can't use Maps. Any solution?
  2. D

    New Dual app not showing Facebook and Instagram

    I have a Xiaomi 11T Pro (MIUI 12.5.6) (Android 11 RKQ1) and I can't use the dual app on facebook and instagram.I also can't give them permissions. What to do?
  3. K

    New Xiaomi 12S ultra 13.0.9 lacking Leica option in gallery editing

    Hi Xiaomi.eu ROM team, I found a bug of Editing of gallery in the xiaomi.eu 13.0.9 (also 13.0.8) on Xiaomi 12s ultra. In the official ROM, there are Leica filters and frames that can be applied on existing images in the gallery through editing, but there isn't on xiaomi.eu ROM. Would you...
  4. G

    New Bug with sounds

    Hello! I have a problem when i try to change the ringtone. When i want to choose a different ringtone, this message pop Up and says that i have to reset the app to be compatible with newer versions of Android. I'm on Xiaomi.eu 13.0.2 Stable. Thanks in advance!
  5. J

    Invalid POCO X3 NFC MIUI V13.0.1 UI BUGS

    There are many UI bugs I noticed in this latest MIUI v13.0.1 update after I dirty flash and clean flash. 1st When I rotate my phone in landscape mode the control cards are not fixed I have to scroll down to turn on/access my other toggles. 2nd bug is the launchers A-Z scrollbar, 3rd after the...
  6. A

    i need help

    apps running in the background are closed or restarted. In the style applications: Whatsapp or Discord, when I am on a call and I open a Minecraft-style application, the call is cut off. I don't know if it's something from the xiaomi.eu rom or some configuration but I need answers:( HELP:,(
  7. MiguelVFX

    Resolved MIUI 13.0.2 by xiaomi.eu is not working properly in SPES

    MIUI 13.0.2 by xiaomi.eu is not working properly in SPES. Features that are present in SPESN are missing in SPES. It is impossible to change the screen refresh rate (there is no such option in the configuration), and even putting the SPES in battery saver mode does not change the refresh rate...
  8. B

    Mi 10T lite Microphone doesn't work

    My Xiaomi 10T Lite recently stopped picking up sound from it's microphone. It does recognize the app using the mic, but it doesn't pick up any sound/noise. (Android 13) Anyone knows a fix?
  9. M

    Invalid MIUI 13 not opening apps on click

    So, I've got this massive problem with my new Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G. When I attempt to open an application via the home screen, it stays on the icon's clicking shade. Then, it says "System Launcher has stopped". I press OK, and it reloads. How I use apps is once I reboot, I have like 30 and fewer...
  10. Moon4Lxrd

    Mobile Data turning On and Off (really fast)

    Hello guys, just encountered this bug/problem recently (or the last time I tried mobile data) on my Mi11 Ultra So far I've tried: Rebooting, Airplane Mode, Toggling Wifi, Turning off data restrictions, Setting mobile data to 2G, 3G, and back, and also booting into safe mode. Nothing is...
  11. S

    [HELP] Poco F3 Bricked. Doesn't Boot.

    So I was updating to the newest weekly update of the eu Rom but something went wrong, and the update was stuck. After a bit I got it to work again, and decided to install the stable version instead of the weekly. It was not in the cards. That update/installation also froze, and now my phone is...
  12. T

    Why can't i use icon packs anymore?

    My Poco X3 Pro used to have this Icon Pack option in Settings in which it let me change my icons. I was using the Lines Free icon pack from Play Store but today the icons randomly went back to normal. I tried to go to settings and look for the Icon Pack option again but it just isn't there. Is...
  13. J

    Invalid Ram on Poco F3/Redmi K40

    I installed xiaomi.eu and i notice that this rom consumes more ram than global stock i want to know if is that normal or is a bug
  14. R

    New Mi 11 - MIUI 13.0.8 Very weird bug please help.

    Hello, For weeks now i have been trying to figure out a very weird bug on my Mi 11 but i can't seem to find the cause. What is happening is that the navigation buttons go crazy in some apps. For example when i press on one of the 3 navigation buttons in lets say Edge web browser the buttons...
  15. T

    New Pokemon go black screen

    Hello, i need of help, i bought a new phone, a Xiaomi Note 10 Pro and i'm really happy with that. But when i try to play at pokemon go, the app show a black screen. I test a lot of thing to repair the app, like reset my phone, accept all the authorization; test some app to help me, contact...
  16. C

    How are the Xiaomi 11 Ultra after a year?

    Hi everyone, I would like to get a xiaomi 11 ultra or maybe 12 ultra. It's the first time I've tried to buy a Xiaomi, I don't know what to expect in terms of reliability. In terms of construction they seem well done, in terms of technical specifications and quality of the cameras they are at...
  17. J

    Mi remote air conditioner not showing temperature

    Hello, I have a mi 10T and the mi remote app doesn't show the air conditioner temperature idk why. I changed my mobile on april and before I had the redmi note 8 pro where the app worked perfect without problems. I tried uninstalling the app and the error continues.
  18. C

    New Wi-fi doesn't turn on in my Mi 11 (miui13 stable)

    Hi i've already installed v13.0.8 in my Mi 11 and for months it works great but suddenly my wifi doesn't turn on, also i cannot share wifi, it said error. Hopefully someone know what's the problem, if not i'll have to wait for the next stable update and see if that fix it. I attach some screenshots.
  19. A

    New Gallery App is downloading a huge amount of data please help

    I'm using MIUI on my Redmi Note 9s and just found out that the gallery app is using huge amount of internet for an unknown reason! this started since the latest miui update As you can see in the screenshots, all cloud services related to photo backups are turned off. Never the less...
  20. ezzfr

    Just flashed Xiaomi.eu but i have a few questions.

    1) What's the closest font to the global font in the theme shop? 2) Can i fix the outdated icons without root? apps like steam, messenger and facebook have very outdated icons 3) i have some bugs in dark mode which i will mention in the pictures bellow is there any way to fix them?