1. W

    is crclist error important?

    i was try to getback stock room and i get that eror named failed to secure crclist sparse or something like that anyways my phone just opened and look like everythings works so do i need to worry about that is that important?
  2. S

    New Fullscreen ADB command is not working

    Hi, I've noticed some slight retention on navigation bar and so before it's too late I've been searching for an ADB command for Fullscreen Immersive mode without Root. That was perfect for me. THE COMMAND: adb shell settings put global policy_control immersive.full=* That doesn't work for me...
  3. S

    New HyperOS Green Dot problem

    Hi, i just got a Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G and i noticed that the green dot warning about the GPS location being used by other apps, and it's normal because the apps that are using the GPS are the google app, the Pokemon go and the watch app, but the problem is when i try to use any app with full...
  4. hub3rt

    New Fixed the problem

    EDIT: FIXED - Reinstall of "com.android.companiondevicemanager" application via adb fixed the error
  5. R

    Invalid Xiaomi turbo 3 PUBG only 60 fps

    Why redmi turbo 3 just gets 60 fps in PUBG?which poco f6 got 120 fps. Will redmi turbo 3 get 120/90 fps?if yes,how much time will it take more to come?
  6. M

    New Long print screen bug on Gmail

    Hello there! I'm using MIUI 14. And I've noticed that the long screenshot "tool" isn't working inside any email on Gmail App. I mean, if I make an extended screenshot at the inbox screen, it works. The tool let me choose the "covered area" of the shot. But if I try to make the same inside any...
  7. Ryo 25

    New MI music run by itself

    third times this happened, Last night I played some music with pad 6 default music app, then i touch back 2 times to leave the app, after that i was in YouTube, and music was not on notification bar, morning i pick up the pad and saw music is up there, Because the volume of the device was at...
  8. A

    New Connectivity İssues After HyperOs

    About a month ago I updated my Mi11 Special Edition phone to the HyperOs version. In the last 1 week, I started to experience wifi interruptions, first intermittently and then with increasing frequency. At the same time, the hotspot did not turn on, and although it appeared to be open (on the...
  9. A

    New 11 lite 5g ne Xiaomi eu stable battery saver does not work

    I have installed Xiaomi eu stable version on this phone and I cannot turn on in any way battery saver. What can I do ? Help me pls And the battery drains so quick. (Is not hyper os is MIUI 14 )
  10. AndreOliveira

    New Bug notifications in Topaz

  11. C

    New Fingerprint locks phone

    Hey I have a Redmi note 11 NFC and when I touch the fingerprint scanner it locks the phone. I don't press the off button, in only put my finger in the fingerprint scanner and it locks
  12. jkriyabd

    New widgets bug not load on home screen (tapas)

    redmi note 12 4g (tapsa) miui 14 stable build widget not load on home screen. it says couldn’t download. sometimes com.android.process.mediaui crush. how do i fix this sir please.
  13. L

    PIP won't work with Netflix.

    Information: Device: Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G Version: HyperOS Device Language: English (UK) Background: Had this issue come and go with my older device (Redmi Note 8 Pro). Bought the current device and transferred the older device info to the new one (I suspect that the issue...
  14. M

    New Interconnectivity stopped working

    Hello, I have a 13 Pro and a Pad 5 Pro 12.4. Yesterday I installed the stable xiaomi.eu Harmony OS ROM with fastboot on the 13 Pro (beforehand I had xiaomi.eu miui 14). Current Version: The Pad 5 Pro has the original chinese ROM. Version: Yesterday I was stunned...
  15. AndreOliveira

    New Redmi Buds 4 Active FastPair HyperOS 1.0 no internet signal

    There is a bug in HyperOS, when connecting the Redmi Buds 4 Activate the internet network it does not work but Redmi Note 12 4G dispositivo TAPAS another bluetooth headset that does not have Google Fast Pair technology works well, without giving the bug, plus those that have Fast Pair like the...
  16. J

    New Bug on Xiaomi 12T Pro HyperOS Security App

    I install xiaomi.eu_multi_DITING_OS1.0.2.0.ULFCNXM_os1-14.zip on my Xiaomi 12T Pro. The bug I encountered is the Security app. When I scroll down to Common features, it jumps to the top automatically. Making hard for me to access the Common features.
  17. K

    Miui 14 eu rom

    Anyone have same issue like me? My phone has automatic wifi off if my phone on idle for 3 hours or more, how to fix this issue? I have same issue on miui 12.5, please help me guys my phone is redmi note 10 sunny. Ps sorry for my bad English
  18. mnshawaty

    New Xiaomi Cloud App Crashing on (DITING) HyperOs

    I am encountering an ongoing issue with the Xiaomi Cloud app on my Xiaomi 12T Pro. The app is crashing even without being actively opened, indicating it's occurring while running in the background. Device Information: Model: Xiaomi 12T Pro Operating System: HyperOs Issue Description...
  19. I

    New Weird elevator like music plays on different occasions

    The example is on Call of Duty Mobile, but it happens on other apps also. Please help me, I've tried checking all apps and their permissions. Evything I could. But internet has no answers. Posted this multiple times across all forums I could find. Phone: Xiaomi 13 OS: HyperOS, Android 14
  20. M

    Uninstall app will restart system

    I flashed Hyperos(eurom). But, uninstall app will restart system. What's more, rebooting will uninstall the apk installed by Magisk. I want fit it. Device:Xiaomi 12T Pro OS:HyperOS by xiaomi.eu 1.0.2312.25 DEV beta