New Connectivity İssues After HyperOs


May 29, 2024
About a month ago I updated my Mi11 Special Edition phone to the HyperOs version. In the last 1 week, I started to experience wifi interruptions, first intermittently and then with increasing frequency. At the same time, the hotspot did not turn on, and although it appeared to be open (on the icons in the top bar and in the hospot menu), it did not appear on my Mi Pad5 nor on my other Samsung phone. Yesterday evening, when I couldn't open the hotspot again, I restarted the phone and it connected at first but disconnected after 2-3 minutes. When I restarted for the 2nd time, the same thing happened again, but after the 3rd restart it didn't turn on at all.

I read in the forums that a few people who experienced a similar situation said that after the HyperOs update, the hardware that provides the connection burned out due to overheating. I still can't understand whether this problem is software or hardware.

If it is software, will they release a bug fix before HyperOs 2 which is scheduled for October? If yes, when?
If it is hardware and this hardware failure is causing overheating due to a software bug, will they have an explanation for this?

I would appreciate if you share your informations with me.