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    New Video Recording

    If I record a video from the camera app, it takes longer to save longer videos. I have to wait for 10 sec after taking a 5 sec video for it to save. If I close camera then It won't save. I lost so many good memories just coz of that.
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    New Redmi K60 - Camera app cannot take landscape photos/videos

    Just flashed the latest stable ROM on my Redmi K60 (V14.0.22.0) and noticed an annoying bug where the default MIUI camera app doesn't seem to be able to detect when I'm holding the phone in landscape mode. That means every photo or video that I take in landscape mode will always turn...
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    Invalid Redmi Note 10 Pro Camera Crash

    Hello everyone! i have been experiencing the Camera crash of Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro. I already contacted technical supports but they said the only i can do is wait for the next OS update (Mi 14) which is this my only phone. I tried all remedy like formatting, hard reset, force stop clear...
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    New [11 Lite NE - 13.0.1] Video recording is broken

    I have a problem with Slow Motion recording on the 11 Lite 5G NE (.eu 13.0.1 SKOCNXM) where I can only record at 720p at 120fps, the rest won't save. Regular 4K 30fps recording also doesn't work. I tried to clear the data of the camera app and tried everything I could think of and nothing fixed...
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    Invalid Please help: No sound / video and screen recording on Mi 10. MAJOR BUG WARNING!

    Hello Xiaomi Community! Recently I encountered a major bug while using the built in screen recorder app on my Xiaomi Mi 10 phone. After using it twice (while having the system sounds option selected in the settings page of the app) my phone now no longer plays any sounds of any kinds be it...
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    [Mi 11 Ultra] Shaking 5x Zoom Camera

    Since a few days I recognized that the 5x optical zoom camera is shaking specifically in video mode. The weird part: 5x optical zoom behavior in photo mode is normal. Can somebody confirm this bug? And even if not - is this related to software or hardware? If software a clean flash might...
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    Invalid MIUI 12.0.9 redmi note 9 freezes

    Hey, I have a redmi note 9 running MIUI 12.0.9 and I have the following issues: 1. Camera app unusable. The app crushes or the phone freezes whenever I try to open the camera. 2. Lock screen get all black at random times. 3. Phone is generally very slow and get stuck/freezes often. This is a...
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    Mi 10 Ultra 5x Focus

    Hi folks So I've just moved over to the latest EU weekly (android 11), and I've noticed I can no longer focus the 5x camera at all, in both the miui and *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* cameras. Just wanted to know if anyone else has this. (I recently changed the lens glass) I don't have any other camera issues, though...
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    Invalid Xiaomi pocp X3 nfc - Camera problems

    Hi there, I have this phone for 4 days now, and i was searching for a fix for the camera. what i tried to do: * I have updated my phone to Miui 12.0.2 version * updated also the app on the phone * factory reset in de Miui * factory reset when holing power en vol+ menu. Now when i open the...