[Mi 11 Ultra] Shaking 5x Zoom Camera


Aug 30, 2020
Since a few days I recognized that the 5x optical zoom camera is shaking specifically in video mode. The weird part: 5x optical zoom behavior in photo mode is normal.

Can somebody confirm this bug? And even if not - is this related to software or hardware? If software a clean flash might help..

I'll try to make a sample footage and upload it later.
I dint noticed that, because I dont use the video recording. But On my Ultra (21.7.14) its the same.

The OIS works well in photo mode, but for the video recording is shaking AF.
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Good to know. So maybe it's better to switch to the global ROM. I'm on the 21.7.21. beta but had the bug since 21.7.14. I think.