1. P

    prevent screen from waking up when charging (outdoor use)

    Hi community, I would like to ask/request an option for not waking up screen at all when the phone charges (cable is plugged on or off). This would be really helpful for outdoor use when charging through a solar panel or hub dynamo. Those methods of charging do not garantee countinuous charging...
  2. Q

    Phone does not react when charged to 100 %

    Hello, I have Mi 9 SE and recently I have encountered quite annoying issue. Once I charge the phone to more than 95 %, the phone stops to react for wake up with power button and double tap to wake as well, it just freezes. However the phone is not completelly freezed cause once I connect the...
  3. G

    Charging Port Mi10 Ultra

    Hello ! Thanks in advance for any help I can get... My Mi10 Ultra stopped passing data thought the USB Port, no data transfer while on the rom, no ADB commands, not even (and more important) fastboot commands. Windows always says the device is malfunctioning. I tried different cables...
  4. S

    is 5 antivirus software scanning at the same time for 1 months is causing bootlop for redmi 5orvirus

    title read it please help i taked it to mobile repair shop and it flashed it now i cant even recover the apps because i just created a new google backup i was dumb how i recover the clean master bookmarks please i dont know if i taked out the battery would help or draining the battery to 0%...
  5. D

    New Poco F1 Charging Bug

    I don't know what has happened to the charging time suddenly. Previously it got 1% charge before 60seconds. But now, for about 5 minutes, the phone get charged by 1%. My phone is rooted and running 12.0.2 rom since 20/02/2021. What are the solutions I have here.?
  6. Ginsen

    New Battery bug

    Hello guys, so two days ago i leave my phone to charge, after I got out, I noticed after couple hours of using the phone, it keeps showing 100% battery, next day it was the same, then this day I noticed my phone blinking, perhaps it has 0% left, in deed the phone had no more battery. I put it to...
  7. D

    New Led notification toggles

    In the Settings -> Special functions -> LED light screen you can toggle when the LED will light up. These toggles can't be turned off. When you turn them off, leave the screen and then return the toggle will be on again I'd love to be able to turn off the led when charging! Redmi K30 Pro...
  8. Gueoris

    New MI 8 : Data not working when charging

    Hi everyone, I come here because I have a problem with my Xiaomi Mi 8 (MIUI 11.2, 20.3.26). When I'm using my phone, everything works perfectly but when I charge my phone, the data stop working or became very slow. Do you have any idea where the problem comes from ? Thanks
  9. K

    New Help me please, important :(

    Hi! I have a problem with my redmi note 6 pro: there is a "fastboot" icon on the screen, and i cant turn on my phone... i tried to connect it to my computer and go to MiPCsuite, but here comes another problem: my phone doesn't recognize the charger; the led doesn't turns on and my computer...
  10. D

    Which Charger to buy for MI battery bank (Thanks)

    I have a Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2C (PLM06ZM) and I was wondering, which wall charging adapter should I buy for faster charging? The charging specs say: approx. 6.7 hours (9V/2A adapter, standard cable): approx. 10 hours (5V/2A adapter, standard cable) I want it to charge at the faster 9V/2A, So...
  11. maksz

    New Double Plug-In/Charging Sound

    When I connect the phone to the charger, the plug-in sound is played 2 times. Mi Max 3
  12. J

    Redmi Note 4 Global Usb Board With Micro

    Hello, I can't find usb board for my redmi note 4 global. It is broken, it's charging and in a while it stops. It works when i put a cable in special position. (yes, I've tried other cable for charging)
  13. S

    Redmi Note 3 Pro Not Charging

    Bought the RN3P snapdragon version about two weeks ago and really liked it. I unlocked bootloader and rooted it but stayed with miui rom. Today I noticed it was not charging at all. I tried three different chargers and three cables and nothing worked. Then I tried to see if the phone is...
  14. Beigejobby

    New Redmi Note 3 No Longer Charging, 6.8.18

    Hi guys! So I updated to 6.8.18 from 6.8.11 weekly and my phone will no longer charge with both the original or Aukey QC charger. It was working perfectly prior to the update as it was plugged in while installing and showed as charging before the process started. I have rebooted 4 times and...