Charging Port Mi10 Ultra


Oct 20, 2021
Hello !

Thanks in advance for any help I can get...

My Mi10 Ultra stopped passing data thought the USB Port, no data transfer while on the rom, no ADB commands, not even (and more important) fastboot commands. Windows always says the device is malfunctioning.

I tried different cables, different PCs, cleaned the USB port very well. The phone charges normally even at 120W.

Any ideias how can I solve this or if the answer is get a replacement where can I find those ports/boards ?

I'm avoiding warranty (that's also expired so I'm looking at around 100/150€) just because they already told me it will be 3/4 months repair time but if I don't have any chance guess I'll go for it


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Oct 19, 2021
Are you sure it's not the host machine?

Are you using connecting the device to USB 3.0 port? If so, try USB 2.0 port.
Are you sure your USB cable isn't faulty?
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