1. Mr.Curse

    New System Launcher crashes when using Landscape mode on any app

    Landscape Fullscreen mode causes System Launcher to crash and can't sync Notes to the cloud The System launcher crashes when I try Fullscreen on YouTube or open any Landscape Fullscreen mode such as CoD, Genshin Impact, or Chrome Landscape mode. Try wiping data on the system launcher, but no...
  2. armin_olat

    Notifications delayed or not coming at all

    Hi, since I started using the latest version of Hyper OS for Cupid, notifications are not coming through or are severely delayed (30 minutes or more). I did a clean install. The issue happens with most apps, but it's most prominent with WhatsApp I tried disabling battery optimization...
  3. armin_olat

    Xiaomi 12 - Apps Crashing on Stable Rom

    Hello! I installed the latest stable version of on my Xiaomi 12 (MIUI TLCCNXM Stable). The ROM works great most of the time and I did not have issues up until 2 days ago. I was chatting with someone on Viber and, out of nowhere, the screen froze. I could swipe up to go back...
  4. armin_olat

    Xiaomi 12 Battery Life

    Hi all! Does anyone know how the battery life on the rom compares to the official rom on the regular Xiaomi 12? In terms of SOT. I would like to switch to, but would not do it if the battery is still bad. Would appreciate your guys' opinions. Thank you!