Mar 1, 2017

I installed the latest stable version of on my Xiaomi 12 (MIUI TLCCNXM Stable).
The ROM works great most of the time and I did not have issues up until 2 days ago.
I was chatting with someone on Viber and, out of nowhere, the screen froze. I could swipe up to go back to home and the phone worked, but Viber would freeze every time I open it and show a message about the app crashing. I force closed the app, but the issue persisted. I then opened Firefox to search for the issue, but Firefox closed after a few seconds too.
The only solution was to reboot the device.
The same problem happened again today, out of nowhere. It does not appear to be an issue with any single app, since this also happened with Discord and some other apps, and it feels completely random.
Did anyone have any similar issues? If not, does anyone from the dev team know what might be the problem?
I'm not using modified apps or any unusual apps, just your regular stuff like Viber, WhatsApp, Firefox and a few games.
The only reason I chose the stable version in the first place and not the weekly is because I hoped it was... well, stable, so I can avoid issues like this.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you!
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