custom rom

  1. C

    Mi8 Pro ( equuleus )softbrick cannot upgrade android Pie and Q

    hi all my phone Xiaomi Mi8 pro Equuleus was flashed custom Oxygen os and bricked my phone. Now i cannot install android 9 and 10 miui stock firmware. Everytime i install Mi8pro fastboot firmware android 9 , android 10, get stuck into Bootloader.I tried <Wipe /format > in recovery ,but did not...
  2. V

    Upgrade to android 11?

    Hi, I'm using MI9 with Global Stable rom android 10 right now but it is boring for me. I really want to try android 11 custom roms, cause roms for android 10 are mostly leaved by devs. What should I do? Install miui or do I need update to android 11 first? Thanks to all of You:)
  3. A

    Redmi Note 5A Prime - custom ROM needed

    I've spent a few hours online looking for a custom ROM for my old Redmi Note 5A Prime. There was a Lineage ROM but now it's disappeared. It has to be for the Prime model only. Any help appreciated.
  4. N

    Please Help Cannot Boot Phone

    I uptaded the rom with twrp. As it ended, I went on "boot phone" but it simply turned off and didn't boot. I tried every button combination but it is not working. Thought it was the battery so i charged a few hours but nothing changes.
  5. LaurentiuCTN

    Clean Install Custom Rom On Xiaomi Mi5

    Hello, I want to do a clean install of a ROM. Which are the methods to do a clean and fresh install? And which version of MIUI you recommend? PS: I want to clean all files in phone (every single file). I want my phone to be cleaned like it has left the factory before I install a new...
  6. S

    Update Problems, Shop/custom Rom -> Official Rom

    Hi! I have a locked Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Prime (3gb/64gb) with MIUI Stable (Custom Rom applied by the shop, for supporting german language) I cant update the phone due to "cant connect to wifi", even with connected wifi (it is working, all apps can use it). Also updating via zip file...
  7. fuzzy_angel

    Installing Custom Eu Rom Without Flashing Twrp

    I understand that flashing TWRP or any other custom recovery voids warranty. My question is, can I install a custom e.g. EU rom without permanently flashing TWRP? Thus, if my phone has a hardware problem like a disfunctioning camera or microphone etc., to be able to flash back an official ROM...
  8. uergsel

    Which Android 6.0 Custom Rom Is The Best?

    Dear fellow Xiaomi-users, anybody with Android 6.0 experience on our phone. I'm thinking to leave Miui (I don't use the launcher anyway, I prefer Nova) and switch to a Android 6.0 custum rom. I'm looking for a stable custom ROM with regular Updates possibly with a big community and a good and...