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  1. A

    Is there any developer version MIUI for Redmi Note 10(M2101K7AG)

    I bought a Redmi Note 10 for my research, but I meet some problems. 1. I can not unlock it now, the software let me try after 336 hours, which means 14 days. Is that because I just bought this phone? And is there any chance I can unlock it earlier? 2.I haven't found a developer version MIUI...
  2. Chico_38

    How to Root 8.7.19 Global Beta? Redmi 5 Plus (Dev) Miui 10

    Hi guys! I tried rooting by flashing Magisk and I end up in endless boot. :( By the way I'm using Redmi 5 Plus, 8.7.19 Global Beta (8.1 Oreo) Miui 10 - dev rom. I tried using TREBLE TWRP by Jay + lazyflasher, so far I am able to keep my custom recovery. Other than that, everytime I flash...
  3. I

    Redmi Note 4 Fastboot Mode Not Working Properly

    hai so i just bought this phone, and long story short, the fastboot mode (volume down+power) will only display for about 10 seconds and then it will reboots itself into charging mode. doesn't matter if i use the key, or even use adb commands to get there. it will still reboot itself in short...
  4. B

    Locked Mi5s: From Global Stable To Weekly Eu

    Hi all, I wonder if for a locked Mi5s it is really possible to switch somehow from Global Stable ROM (V8.0.3.0.MAGMIDI) to Weekly EU ROM. So far I read many guides on the web but I don't come to a solution yet, however I write down my experience hoping you can advice. My first attempt was...
  5. A

    Battery Drain On Standby Mode Mi5s

    hi, i installed the latest dev. rom 7.1.12 on my Mi5S and i think battery drain is quite high in standby mode. does anyone else observe this? would it help maybe to install greenify oder doze or something else? Or what can i do to save battery when i dont use the phone?
  6. fleischverpackung

    Stuck With Broken Miui Install, Twrp Dissapeared, Fastboot Not Working..

    Hi all! Got a MI4W with MIUI7. Flashed TWRP and rooted the device. Wanted to install MIUI8 but failed because of the wrong partition size. Read that installing a specivic MIUI6 DEV build will merge the partitions safely. Downloaded and installed it through the Update App. Phone rebootet into...
  7. A

    Stable Or Dev

    hello guys, for those who tried both stable and beta 6.12.22 which one is better? and what are the major bugs in both roms?
  8. Bassie

    Chinese Developer Rom Released - Please Consider A Release Of The Xiaomi Rom

    @ingbrzy et al. As the Redmi 4 China Developer ROM is released. (Version: 6.11.10 (MIUI8)). And the stable version which is already out for a while. Please consider a release of the weekly and stable ROM for the Redmi 4 and Redmi 4 Prime phone. and...
  9. Prahlad Yeri

    How To Flash A Developer Rom In "system-1" Since An Update Happened?

    I've updated my stock MiPad once using the MiUi Updater app (current version is v7.5.2.0), so my tablet now boots from system-2 instead of system-1. I verified this by going to the MiPad recovery screen. I can start the tablet using fastboot and boot it using CWM Recovery, but I'm not sure how...
  10. K

    Unable To Install Dev Rom

    Hey guys, as the title says I'm unable to even update the device into the DEV rom. I've bought the MI5 PRO on alegrecompra (dot) com and they managed to install the global multilanguage, so right now this is the MIUI version that I have: MIUI GLobal 7.3 | Stable (MAAMIDD) As I want to...