How to Root 8.7.19 Global Beta? Redmi 5 Plus (Dev) Miui 10


Jul 23, 2018
Hi guys!

I tried rooting by flashing Magisk and I end up in endless boot. :(
By the way I'm using Redmi 5 Plus, 8.7.19 Global Beta (8.1 Oreo) Miui 10 - dev rom.

I tried using TREBLE TWRP by Jay + lazyflasher, so far I am able to keep my custom recovery.

Other than that, everytime I flash magisk or superSU, nothing happens, I just get stuck on boot. Any tips?

I also have a copy of TREBLE Magisk 16.3 but it doesn't work.
I tried rooting without using TWRP:

Still nothing works. :(

Thanks in advance for your assistance!