1. M

    Mail app problem

    Hi, Since Yesterday, my email app doesn't work. It doesn't synchronize. I tried to delete my account. And when i complete the login, it said my password is incorrect, but i am really sure i wrote the good one. It's a email. Thank you for your help
  2. S

    New Mi 11 pro E-mail problem

    Hello, I can't use the Email app since I flashed the newest update on my phone. I can open the app and register my account, but than it opens the serversettings like on the picture below. I already deleted the data of app and cleaned the cache. Bevore I had the 12.5.17 stable Rom and...
  3. Poney70

    Resolved Email app - sync issue

    Hello, Email app versions (20191206_b1/b2/b4) don't correctly sync emails... :( To come back to the latest working version (20191024_b4), read this: IMPORTANT: After downgrading, you will need to reconfigure your email account(s)! Installation steps: 1) Download and put this file in root of...
  4. J

    Download email attachments

    Hi! I have a Xiaomi Note 7 and the email app (nativa) do not download email attachments, since I upgradeted to the MIU 11 OS version. How can I fixe the problem? Thanks.
  5. felixbg79

    Banned email account?

    Hi there! When I first tried to log in the Xiaomi forum, I intended to do it using a yahoo account, but the Forum said that that account had been banned. I have never done anything forbidden with that account, so... has anyone got an idea on why could have the forum have banned that account...
  6. Fadamaka

    New Mi4c 7.4.27 Merge Themes Bug

    In the default email client, emails are always merged by themes, no matter the settings.
  7. Jachtaas

    New Email Contacts Flicker And Are Incomplete

    Device: mi5s 128gb Version: 7.1.20 Beta by When I use the email app of miui it gets buggy when you try to use contacts. If you click on contacts in the email program than it is flickering (visible to non visible with intervals of half a second). Also not all your contacts are...
  8. V

    How To Delete Emails From Contact List - Show Only Phone Numers?

    Hi I have redmi 3s with Android 6.0.1, and MIUI version, and I have problem with contacts list. On contact list I have 2 options: 1. Last - this is list with last calls 2. Contacts - this is list with phone numbers ( 85 contact number now ) - on right side is alphabet, where I can...
  9. gianprior

    New Email App - Disable Conversation

    Hi, i have a redmi 3 pro with your weekly 6.5.19 I have configured my email account exchange and everything works properly (push email, contacts and calendar synchronization) but i have one problem. I turned off the conversation mode on email app settings but emails are always grouped by...