file manager

  1. D

    Deleted .xlsx file

    Friends, please help! I accidentally deleted an .xlsx file in the file manager. Is there any way to restore it?
  2. E

    How to go back to Android File instead of Mi Explorer ? (Urgent)

    Hi ! Since 1-2 months, whenever I try to upload a picture (for example on social media, an email or a website), it's the Mi explorer that automatically opens. Usually, it would have been the app called File that opens, which I find extremely easy and intuitive and give access to clouds, but I...
  3. L

    Forced Close to Browser and File Manager

    Well, I don't know if that is a bug, or just my issue. After 2 clean installations version 9.11.14 (weekly) on my Mi9T Pro, when I try to open the browser or the file manager, they open but not to the screen. Then, if I go to the recent apps and I click on them, I get an error message: "Security...
  4. ViBE-HU

    New No access to storage on local network

    It is not clear is this a bug of EU version or not (since I never tested the original MIUI on this phone) but on Pocophone F1 there is no option in the original File Explorer to browse the content of a storage on the local network. My recent phone is a Redmi 4X and it's also runs with latest...
  5. A

    New Please enable native NTFS,HFS+ support in MIUI

    Hello, I don't know if this is the correct place to post this but I have a feature request.. I love the eu ROM and I wanna use it forever.. but there is something really important that is missing from stock MIUI and I sent to Xiaomi a lot about it.. The native support for proprietary file...