New Please enable native NTFS,HFS+ support in MIUI


Nov 18, 2018
Hello, I don't know if this is the correct place to post this but I have a feature request..

I love the eu ROM and I wanna use it forever.. but there is something really important that is missing from stock MIUI and I sent to Xiaomi a lot about it..

The native support for proprietary file systems like NTFS which is very popular in desktop PCs and in my line of work, as I work in a hazardous field and unable to carry my laptop around.. most portable hard disks and USB flash drives are formatted on PC using Windows NTFS format.. but using this on the phone with OTG sadly says "USB device corrupt"..

I tried many solutions like custom kernels, magisk modules, and 3rd party apps which add support for this file system but sadly it's very very slow compared to native support and most don't allow writing to the drive and don't support multiple partitions on a disk..

Now I had a Lenovo device and a Samsung device and they natively supported NTFS out of the box.. and installed custom ROMs like LineageOS and AOSP Extended which also have native support of NTFS which was very fast and allowed writing and multiple partitions.. even TWRP supports NTFS natively (which is what I use now if I want to copy large files from other Engineers in the field)..

But I really like MIUI OS and ROM and this is why I'm posting this so please add this support to the ROM since the developers at Xiaomi don't want to do it and that's possibly because of licensing issues I think despite the existance of many popular open source solutions like in Ubuntu etc.

Many thanks for the hard work.