1. S

    Redmi Note 9 pro, "other" files taking up 41GB of space?!

    This can't be right? How do I safely delete some of this?
  2. B

    New Dowloanded and attached files bug

    Good morning everyone, I'm going crazy with a problem on my Mi 10. When I download a file from a browser, an app or a mail and I click on the notification (of ended dowload) it doesn't open the menu for selecting the app i want to open with but ,instead, it open a "Share" menu like the file...
  3. lucasdelion

    Invalid Mi 9 Camera App - Metadata Bug

    Hello, I had a Mi 5x and now I have a Mi 9. When I changed to Mi 9 my photos thumbnails stopped showing at my Windows 10 Photos App. I only keep them at the cloud and the Photos App access them through Onedrive. 1. Photos taken with Mi 5x viewed from the Photos App. All Normal. 2. Photos...
  4. A

    New Please enable native NTFS,HFS+ support in MIUI

    Hello, I don't know if this is the correct place to post this but I have a feature request.. I love the eu ROM and I wanna use it forever.. but there is something really important that is missing from stock MIUI and I sent to Xiaomi a lot about it.. The native support for proprietary file...