1. N

    New Cannot set image as wallpaper or change orientation from Files app.

    Using MIUI 14 Stable ROM on sweet. When I open an image from the Files app and choose "Set as wallpaper" from "More", nothing happens. No errors, no toasts, just nothing happens at all. The screen also won't change orientation to landscape in any view in the app itself and when viewing an image.
  2. S

    Redmi Note 9 pro, "other" files taking up 41GB of space?!

    This can't be right? How do I safely delete some of this?
  3. B

    New Dowloanded and attached files bug

    Good morning everyone, I'm going crazy with a problem on my Mi 10. When I download a file from a browser, an app or a mail and I click on the notification (of ended dowload) it doesn't open the menu for selecting the app i want to open with but ,instead, it open a "Share" menu like the file...
  4. lucasdelion

    Invalid Mi 9 Camera App - Metadata Bug

    Hello, I had a Mi 5x and now I have a Mi 9. When I changed to Mi 9 my photos thumbnails stopped showing at my Windows 10 Photos App. I only keep them at the cloud and the Photos App access them through Onedrive. 1. Photos taken with Mi 5x viewed from the Photos App. All Normal. 2. Photos...
  5. A

    New Please enable native NTFS,HFS+ support in MIUI

    Hello, I don't know if this is the correct place to post this but I have a feature request.. I love the eu ROM and I wanna use it forever.. but there is something really important that is missing from stock MIUI and I sent to Xiaomi a lot about it.. The native support for proprietary file...