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    New "Find device" and Mi messages dont work

    ROM: for sweet(Redmi note 10 pro). It's not possible to get device location, block it or erase data via Xiaomi cloud. Also Mi Messages always stays "Offline". These two things are broken since first MIUI 14. However they are confirmed to work on stock global miui.
  2. S

    Bricked Mi 8 EDL flashing problem

    Hello, I have a bricked Mi 8 (Chinese version, locked bootloader, broken recovery & fastboot). However, this isn't a problem, as I can go to EDL mode without any problems. The problem is this message from Mi flash : "Sorry, couldn't flash device before turning off Find My Device". Of course...
  3. M

    Some questions for rooted devices / devices with rom: findmyphone and payments with nfc (ING DIRECT)

    Hello all. I registered here so as to get answer to my questions, please do not hesitate to tell me if I posted it in the wrong forum or if I did something wrong I have been thinking in changing my original room by the one of, as I am feed up with Xiaomi not allowing me to change the...
  4. L

    Checking Find Device Status Infinite Loop

    Hi everyone. 1 - After my xiaomi redmi 3 was in bootloop I flashed it with v8.0.2.0.LAIMIDG. 2 - At the first boot, when I had to sign in to my Mi Account, the phone started saying "Checking Find device status...", without letting me even try to sign in. I tried to wait but nothing change, it...