Checking Find Device Status Infinite Loop


Dec 3, 2016
Hi everyone.

1 - After my xiaomi redmi 3 was in bootloop I flashed it with v8.0.2.0.LAIMIDG.

2 - At the first boot, when I had to sign in to my Mi Account, the phone started saying "Checking Find device status...", without letting me even try to sign in. I tried to wait but nothing change, it continues checking.

3 - So i tried to flash the phone again but it doesn't work now: with every image version and every MiFlash version I try in MiFlash says [error:"Flash tz error"]. I've seen that this probably happens because my bootloader is still locked.

4 - So I tried to unlock it with the standard procedure with MiFlashUnlock, and after all the procedure I received the message, but when I try to unlock it says: "Couldn't verify device, current account is different from the account info on the device". So I've seen that this is because I can't login into my account in the phone (see section 2).

5 - I noticed that I'm able to access the apps and the settings of the phone even if I'm in the mi account login screen (see section 2) holding the center button and going to google now and searching for settings or app names. I tried from the settings to reset the phone but it doesn't allow me since I'm not logged, I also tried to update the phone with the update app, but it doesn't let me.

How can I wipe my phone or do something to fix the problem?

Pertti Kosunen

Sep 2, 2014
2. Put SIM card in another phonen and disable PIN code check so it have mobile data access after boot.

3. You need to put phone in EDL mode for MiFlash.