fingerprint sensor

  1. F

    <...> icon in status bar just showed up

    Hello, Suddenly this icon showed up (see picture) Does anyone know the meaning? If it can help, the fingerprint sensor stopped working at the same time... Thanks :)
  2. E

    New [SPES] Fingerprint sensor does not working on third party apps

    Hi Xiaomi Eu, Device: Redmi note 11 4G (SPES) Miui version: Miui 13.0.2 by Xiaomi EU android version: 12 I'm not able to use fingerprint sensor in third party apps such as bank apps. It only works for unblocking the phone and entering to private files (Gallery, Mi video and Files stock app)...
  3. Maxcension

    Fingerprint not working ONLY on lockscreen (Poco F2 Pro/K30 Pro Zoom)

    Hello, Since i changed my motherboard, my fingerprint unlock sensor isn't working on my lockscreen. When I put my finger in, the phone does the animation and vibrates but does not unlock. Even when I put a finger that is not added in the settings, I don't get an error, it vibrates and does the...
  4. D

    New Display - Fingerprint calibration issue

    Hi, I broke the screen of my beloved Mi 10 Ultra, bought a new one from china, waited a couple of weeks, got the new display, gave it to a local repair shop to change it. Got the phone back. I knew that the under-display fingerprint sensor must be calibrated, so I went to Settings - My Device...
  5. T

    InDisplay Fingerprint Sensor does not work

    Hello, i have had problems with my "InDisplay" fingerprint sensor for a few months. In the beginning he didn't recognize my finger anymore. The backlight light comes on, but I should press harder. After several reboots it worked again. But then at some point this trick no longer worked. But...