New Display - Fingerprint calibration issue


Feb 4, 2021

I broke the screen of my beloved Mi 10 Ultra, bought a new one from china, waited a couple of weeks, got the new display, gave it to a local repair shop to change it. Got the phone back.

I knew that the under-display fingerprint sensor must be calibrated, so I went to Settings - My Device - All specs, clicked a couple of times, got into the CIT menu, found the "fod fingerprint calibration" tool under "additional tools".

When trying to calibrate (I saw a couple of forum threads about this calibration in general) I get the error messages:

1. 1513 High brightness incorrect - I think that's a general one that indicates I am not doing it correctly. Many people in the threads I read have the same issue and have explained ways to avoid it.

2. 1001 Out of memory - whenever I do everything right, just like explained, I get this message.

Is the partition where this info is stored out of memory? What is the problem, what should I do?

I have an unlocked bootloader, the latest version of a ROM (12.5.8 stable), non-rooted phone.